White and wooden color sunglass kiosk glass optical display

Sunglass is a kind of eyesight care product to protect the eyes from the strong stimulation of sunlight. With the improvement of people’s material and cultural level, we can use sunglass as a piece of special jewelry for beauty or personal style. If you are looking for a sunglass kiosk, we can make it for you with your requirement. Let us see a modern sunglass kiosk design first. 



This kind of sunglass kiosk is better to use in the shopping mall center. The design is simple, almost the glass display shelf with led strip light. It has a mall cashier counter with the logo. Under the stainless steel toe kick is warm white color led strip light.

The material of the sunglass kiosk is MDF with baking paint And glass we can use tempered glass or ultra-clear tempered glass. You can decide what color do you want for the kiosk.

Usually, the usage of a sunglass kiosk is to display the product well to let the customer see your products clearly.




Get a location – First, you need to find a location for you to start a sunglass kiosk business. You can search on some shopping malls to get one your favor. A good location is important.

Choose a favorite design – You can visit our website to choose a favorite design or get some ideas. Or you have your own design you can send to us.

Make a customize 3d design – We can make a customize 3d design for you. According to your location size, your brand logo, your favorite style to customize a new and unique sunglass kiosk design.

Check the design – We will send the design to you in 3-5 working days. You can check and let us know your idea, we can make some changes if you want.

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