When we visit the mall, we can see a lot of sunglasses kiosk. Sunglasses are one of the most popular products, and many people just buy them by the way when they buy sunglasses. Because they are very cool, the important thing is that they also have a lot of functions.

There are three main functions of sunglasses:

  1. Decoration. Decoration demand is the most weighted factor in the selection of glasses. Independently designed brands and products with brand styles account for an increasing proportion. Carefully choose products that are imitated or copied.
  2. UV protection. This is one of the most basic functions, most of the sunglasses (even the products of very average quality) can reach the uv400 standard.
  3. Shading. The darker the lens, the better the effect. However, sunglasses lenses are also lenses, and they must also meet the necessary optical standards for lenses.

High-Quality Sunglasses

The eyes are extremely sensitive parts. When choosing sunglasses, the quality of the lenses should be the first priority. They must be clear, can effectively filter ultraviolet rays, and there is no dizziness after wearing them. A low-quality sunglasses not only have no protective effect but can cause damage to the eyes. If we want to sell sunglasses, we must pay attention when choosing them. Customers can trust you by choosing the right products of good quality.

The sunglasses clip can also effectively block glare and ultraviolet rays. For people with higher degrees, the sunglasses clip is a better choice, and it is light and convenient, and it is very convenient to switch between indoor and outdoor scenes. We can sell diversified products so that there will be more types of customers.

If we start a business without much budget, we can do a smaller kiosk. There are many types of sunglasses, we can prepare 30-40 different types of sunglasses for display, customers can test, if they want to buy, we can directly take out new ones.

The size of this sunglasses kiosk is very small, it is composed of three cabinets. The left and right sides are display cabinets, the outside is the display area, and the inside is the storage cabinet. In the middle is the cash register. Lightboxes can be placed on the left and right sides of the front of the cash register. The content of the lightbox can be our logo or poster. There are two mirrors on the opposite sides. We know that the most indispensable thing to sell sunglasses in the mirror. There are some storage drawers at the bottom of the display area so that you can store your stock here.

Kiosk Information

Size: 1.8×1.8×1.6m/5.9×5.9x5ft

Basic material: MDF

Surface finish: Baking paint

Toe kick: 4 inches stainless steel

Color: White

Others: Hardware, LED light, mirror, sockets

Production time: 22-28 working days


Kiosk Real Photos

All kiosks in the mall can be customized, including the display area. There are a total of 35 nails in this sunglasses kiosk, and a total of 35 pairs of glasses can be displayed, which are made according to the customer’s requirements. If you want to customize a kiosk that belongs to you, you can tell us all the requirements. We support all customization, including color, style, shape, and size, etc.

If you have a location in your mall and you plan to build a kiosk. Let’s work together to finish this project.

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