UK eyeglasses kiosk decoration yellow color sunglasses stand

sunglasses kioskAre you looking for an eyeglasses kiosk to start a business? Sunglasses kiosk is good to start a business, as sunglasses can help us sort out eyeglasses, showcase sunglasses to the clients, and even deal with business. We can also use it to show our brand culture, promote activities, and even advertising new tech and products. When you are looking for a nice and attractive eyeglasses kiosk, please read this article carefully.

3D design of sunglasses kiosk in the mall

Cooperation begins with an inquiry. The owner told us that he had a location at size 4m by 2m in the shopping center and was looking for a nice sunglasses kiosk to fit it. I asked if he had chosen a style or color to start. The customer shared a wanted design with decoration ideas. Without any hesitation, I forwarded his requirements to the designer who aimed to give him a wonderful sunglasses kiosks design. Professional design drawing takes about 3 days and needs $300. Our customer was shocked when seeing the sunglasses kiosk design. He likes it very much and confirms the order immediately. In fact, our designer was created 3 designs to choose from, but in the end, this design won.

Introduction of the optical kiosk

eyeglasses stand

Sunglasses kiosk mainly in yellow color and full of lighting. It is outstanding in the shopping center and can win more customers. It has a bubble pattern and posters to decorate the mall kiosk body, looks lovely and cute.

The front side has an entrance door in the middle, people get into the sunglasses kiosk from here. Different levels of display showcase view as sales window, people will appeal to try sunglasses when goes by.  Brand names and mirrors can place here for people to see their looks. The right side is a working counter with drawers for storage. Optical equipment is put near the counter for better usage. The back wall has a brand logo facing the public and the cashier register is also set here. Under counter has lock cabinets for storage. While the left side can hold as much as eyeglasses. Because it is a double-sided display shelf. Inside is multiple glasses wall shelves with light lamp. Outside display shelf in different colors and shapes. Video advertising plays here to catch attention.

eyewear display sand

More information:

Size: 4mx2m, or customize size depends on your location

Color: Yellow and white. We can also use other color matches shop theme

Material: MDF with high glossy baking paint finishing. 8mm tempered glass to build the showcase area. Stainless steel mainly protects kicking. This sunglasses kiosk also has a mirror with lights, posters, acrylic logo, and hardware.

If you like other designs and need to change materials, please don’t forget to let us know in advance. We can make it the same as you want and even show them in a 3D design drawing.

eyeglasses kiosk

Real photos show in the workshop

3D design drawings show details of each part. Products photos guide you to experience the real effect of sunglasses in life. Workers build the kiosk step by step and you will be informed of the process directly. Don’t worry about the quality, workers use high-quality material to build it and concentrate on kiosk manufacturing.



sunglasses cabinet

Customer feedback show

Even if it’s our first cooperation, the customer trusts us. And believe that we will provide wonderful kiosks for him. He felt so happy that he sent us feedback photos as soon as he installed them and start a business. It’s a win-win project, I am sure that you will also get wonderful mall kiosks from our Unique Kiosk. We have a professional design team, a superb manufacturing team, and start to stop service team. Please catch the opportunity to get a nicer optical kiosk.

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