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Some people believe that the most important role of sunglasses is the role of sunshade. But there are also many fashionistas who believe that the most important role of sunglasses is to decorate and highlight personal image. To be honest, the decorative effect of sunglasses is the reason why many people buy them. After all, in many shows, ceremonies, street shooting and other occasions, sunglasses have always been the fashion darlings of these fashionistas. It is also true that many people have an instantaneous improvement in the image and temperament of the whole person after wearing sunglasses. So until now, sunglasses are mainly fashion-centric.


This is a square display kiosk, the size is 2.5×2.5m. The main colors of kiosk are yellow, white and black, which looks stylish and beautiful. It is composed of several counters as a whole, including a small cash register counter. Each cabinet display sunglaees in a different position. And we add logos and signs according to customer requirements to make kiosk more unique. Using stainless steel as skirting can protect kiosk from friction.

People can see the sunglasses through the glass, and the space inside can accommodate 2-3 people. We are a custom factory, if you want a more attractive kiosk, our design team can help you realize it. Add light box painting, acrylic luminous logo and other decorations you like. The kiosk design is based on the client’s favorite style, including modifications. So tell us your requirements, we will provide you with good design solutions and 3D renderings to meet your ideal design.

We all know that to open a new kiosk in a mall, you need to submit a 3D design for approval. The mall center needs a complete solution, such as design and floor plans, which can help you get the location of the mall as soon as possible. So we recommend to start designing based on your requirements, so that you can confirm the details and see the effect, and we can modify it according to your ideas. Reach your size and add logo. Each unique design is based on the customer’s ideas, our designers will fully reflect your ideas in the design and make it look better and perfect.


We will assemble the whole kiosk for you check after the production is completed. After you confirm, in order to facilitate transportation and avoid damage. Our workers will do the overall cleaning work, and then divide it into several parts. Each part is marked with a number, such as 1234. When you receive it, put them together, and put them in the right position according to the numbers and construction drawings and connect the wires, and kiosk can work normally. If you still don’t know how to assemble, please contact us and we will guide you.


Unique display furniture ltd. was founded in 2006 with more than 10 years of manufacturing experience. We have skilled workers and established strict management and control of quality system. Will produce strictly in accordance with the construction drawings. We guarantee that the goods you receive are exactly the same as the design you confirmed. We use high-standard materials. And provide high-quality products to ensure customer satisfaction.

We are professional sunglasses kiosk furniture manufacturer. From design to delivery,help you step by step to complete this project. Our excellent designers have different design ideas on kiosk design. If you want to refer to more designs and learn more, welcome your inquiry!

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