Nowadays, sunglass is not only one common glass for people, but also a fashion sign. It not only can protect people’s eyes under  the hot sun, but also can make people look so cool and have role of disguise to let others can’t recognize. For example, the famuse stars always wear the sunglass when they go out and they want the reporter or some fans to recognize them. Many people go to have a travel they also like to wear the sunglass, especially at the beach. So it is a good nice if you can open a sunglass store. I will introduce one sunglass kiosk design in the mall first.

The desription of the sunglass kiosk

From the view of the picture, we can see there are main three colors, white, red, black, which let people feel nice. We can The introduction of the sunglass kioskcustomize the colors according to your ideas. Several stands parts to combine the whole kiosk. On the right side, there is the poster with brand logo  and the spokesperson for sunglass, which is very attrctive. Some fans will wild about buying your sunglass because of their favorite star who endorse a product. On this stand, you can also put something on it. On the left side, There is the cabinet with the drawers to pur some sunglass or others for storage. Above the stand, it is shelf to show different sunglass, and still with a poster for showing the effection of wearing the sunglass. People can select the sunglass they like.

The introduction of the sunglass kiosk

Look at another side, you can also see the brand and the spokesperson, then you can know this is the sunglass kiosk directly. It is important to have the space to show the advertisemet. For this one, it is a light box, you can put any information which you want to express. We can design it for you when you have the needs. Whatever direction you look, you can see the sunglass which have shown, because it is a open-plan kiosk. In addition, there are some led lights on the stands to show the sunglass, which make the goods more shining and good-looking.



The steps to build a  kiosk.

The first step is to make a 3D design. If you have the space in the mall, please tell us the size. Then we can send some pictures of the sunglass kiosk style for reference, you can choose one or if you have your own favorite style, you can send to us. Our design will bease on your size, style, color and your other requirements. Our designer will give you the 3D drawing plan in 3 – 5 working days according to your request about the kiosk. After the design finished ,if you find some place not acceptable ,our designer will  revise it freely. After the design plan approved by you,we will give you CAD drawing plan, then manufacture it. We can help you to buy some machines about the kiosk ,delivered together with your goods for saving your some time and money.

When you confirm the final design, we will arrange the produce the sunglass kiosk for you in time. During the production, we will send some the pictures and videos of the process, you can rest assured the quality of our kiosk. Our factory will promise the high quality for our customers and win the praise from many customers.

While the sunglass kiosk has been finished, we can will pack the kiosk well for you to avoid the broken when ship. We will use international standard export package. Foam and preservative film as inner package, wooden and carton case as outer package.
Your any reasonable requirement is available.

If you are interested in any kinds kiosk or furniture, please contact us and let us help in time.

The steps to build a sunglass kiosk.

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