Round Shape Sunglasses kiosk Eyewear Cabinet in Mall Design Idea

Do you want to open a sunglasses kiosk in the shopping center? Sunglasses have a great market in the world, especially in Summer. There are many different sunglasses kiosk styles, however, we have to find a modern and unique one to start. As a unique kiosk helps us show sunglasses better. And it can also attract people’s eyes at the first time.

Round shape white sunglasses kiosk

sunglass kiosk

We can see in the picture, there are 3 layers of display shelf to display sunglasses. It includes a shier counter, display cabinet, locked drawers, poster area, brand sign, and mirror. According to the mall rules, we also add flooring to separate the sunglasses kiosk from the mall floor.

Size introduction:

It needs an area of 3m*3m location to install, a very standard size to start a business. So, we should rent the location first. It determines the sunglasses kiosk location size, layout, and decoration.

Color introduction:

The main color is white with a black lock door. The white color looks very eye-catching in the shopping center, as it reflects all the light. White color can also make the shop and products standing out. There is the brand logo on the two entrances, clients can know you directly.

Material introduction:

The main material is MDF with baking paint. It’s the most popular material to build display kiosks. Because MDF is often used in the shop decoration industry because of its flexibility. It has a solid surface and can be used for a long time. It is easy to process into different shapes and has high stability. Other materials include the light lamp, lightbox painting, acrylic logo, stainless steel, etc. We can also upgrade materials to get a different effect.

Layout introduction:

This sunglasses kiosk includes two curved parts. They have a display showcase area on both sides. Which can place more sunglasses for sale. Besides, customers can choose glasses when passing by your shop, which can help you increase the number of customers and improve performance. The bottom area has lock cabinets to store more items. The cashier counter also in a curved shape with the brand logo and posters.

How to make a sunglasses kiosk design?

Most shopping manage wants to review the sunglasses kiosk, making sure that everything meets their demands. So, we should discuss details with the mall manager, then make the kiosk design to get approval. Here are the design steps sharing with you.

First: Tell the designer about your needs and mall rules

We should tell all the requirements to the designer, as they draw a 3D design to show the real effect. Then pay a design fee of 300usd for the design service. The money is used as part of the production deposit, so you still get the design for free.

Second: Make the 3D design drawing according to special needs

The designer creates a 3D design model according to the demands. Design time needs 3-5 days because they have to recheck at least 3 times before sending for confirmation. Even if somewhere has a better solution, they will update it soon.

Third: Check the design drawing carefully and send mall for approval

When clients receive the first drawing, they have to check it carefully. When they have new ideas, the designer will modify them soon. You can submit the design drawing for approval in this step. Since everything is following rules, you can sign the contract smoothly.

Fourth, Confirm the final design and place an order

We can confirm the approved design to the final design. Then the designer will make a construction drawing to produce it. Production time needs 25-28 workdays. Please leave enough time to produce it and shipping to your country.

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