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Nowadays, everyone can’t have no cell phone, it seems almost people can’t leave it at any time. The function of the cell phones is more and more. People can use the cell phone to study, work, play games to spend free time, and contact family, friends and so on. Even the children like playing the cell phones. Every coin has two sides, people need to the time to play the cell phone. As we all know, there are many brands of the cell phone, such as Apple, Huawei, Vivo, Oppo. Which exsit very big competition among them, especially Apple and Huawei. But everything is going on, every brands upgrade the function of the cell phones. So it is good time to find a better way to sell the cell phones. Now I will introduce one cell phone kiosk to you.

Description of the cell phone kiosk

Let’s look at the cell phone kiosk. It is a square shape. On the view of the front,  there is teh shelf board to support and display Showing framethe cell phones. There is two thirds of the space to stock different models cell phones. When customers have the needs, they can offer them in time. On the other side, there are two computers in the middle, and salesman can stand or sit there to offer the service. We can see the logo or advertisement sign straightly because so big space to show it. On the opposit, there are two computers too, which can offer the service better. There is a stand in the middle space, you can put some cell phones on it. Besides, the top can be customized the logo on two sides, which can let people leave the impression.

On the view of another side, there is one logo sign on the corner. We can customize many logos on the kiosks to show all directions. In the middle, there is also a space to show the advetisements you want. This one kiosk is open-plan, people can see your brand and cell phones wherever direction them come from. You can choose a good place to put the kiosk in the mall, which attracts people, it is better if you have some discount activities.

showing frame 2

Details about the cell phone kiosk booth

Material: MDF,wood veneer,tempered glass,acrylic,stainless steel, LED light

Surface Finish: laminated, marble surface, baking finish/varnish, baking painted surface

Accessories: lockers, keys, hinges, cupboards, closets, etc

Size and color: which can customize base on your needs

Usage: to display cell phone, cell phone accessories, cell phone case


To make a  kiosk

To communicate with us about the size, style, color, some equipments and other details you need, then our designer will make a unique and new style for you. The design fee is $300, it can be reducted after the order amounts. We will help you to get the mall approval about the design. Besides, we will do some changes for you according to you or the mall requirements.

To produce the kiosk. Normally, the production time is about 22-25 working days. If you are in hurry of the project, we can apply faster production time and produce it for you preferentially, which should take a view on the situation.

To ship the kiosk. When the kiosk is finished, we will packed it well with good packagings. The Foam inside and woodern box outside.

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