Popular Style Mobile Phone Display Kiosk Design Ideas For Mall

The replacement of mobile phones is fast, and new styles of mobile phones are easy to become popular. Due to curiosity and following fashion trends, some people have already bought several mobile phones. So it’s necessary to open mobile phone display kiosk and start your business. If you are looking for a mobile phone display kiosk design, here is one of our designs, let us see more information as following.

Popular Style Mobile Phone Display Kiosk Design Ideas For Mall

Customized Mobile Phone Display Kiosk Design Introduction

This is a square kiosk. It is composed of several parts to form a whole kiosk. The main colors are blue and white, which looks stylish and modern. Glass display cabinets are very common, commonly used for mobile phone display kiosk and jewelry display kiosk. It allows people to look at products and make choices from different angles. Using stainless steel as skirting can protect the kiosk from friction. Add logo on the high sign, and we support other types of logo. 3D luminous logo, hollow logo, acrylic logo, etc. Different logos have different effects, it all depends on your requirements.

High sign

High signs are always easy to get people’s attention. Even people can see the kiosk brand name and logo from a distance, so that people can quickly learn about related products and services. The customer uses the tall sign as the cash register counter, which is very convenient to work. Light box posters are installed in the cashier cabinet to beautify and decorate the kiosk. The size of this kiosk 3x3m is the regular size. We mainly do customization, so we will create new designs based on your size. And add your logo make more unique.

Do you like this design? We are direct custom factory with skilled workers. And we handmade kiosk purely, so the quality is guaranteed. We can change the color and support the shape you want. Such as round, isolated shape “L” shape, etc. Our factory has more than 10 years of manufacturing experience and is very skilled in producing kiosk. And our designers will also have different design ideas, each unique idea is very important.

How to produce my phone kiosk

Before production, we need to make 3D design renderings first. Because our workers produce completely according to the renderings. And we need to get your confirmation before production. No modification is allowed after production. Once modified, you will be responsible for the cost. Our production steps are to build the wooden body–baking paint-install logo, wires and light boxes, etc. If you need to check the color, we will confirm the color with you before baking paint, and continue to produce without any problems. In addition, we will send you photos and videos during the production process to let you know our production steps and make you more assured.

3D design details

You should know what style of mobile phone display kiosk you want and tell us your requirements clearly. Our designers will make the design better and fashionable based on your requirements. They will hold a group meeting to make a design plan for your kiosk. Which will be completed by 4 designers. So to design kiosk, we are professional!

Before designing, we need to charge 300 US dollars as a design deposit first. We will deduct it from the order price, you need to pay in advance only. We will send the design to you for confirmation within 2-3 working days, which allows modification to ensure that the design meets your requirements. After you check the final design, you can send it to the mall center for review, and then we can move to the next step of production.

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