A popular solid wood Frozen Yogurt kiosk for sale

I think this is a versatile kiosk , why ,i sail it is a versatile kiosk?

Plz have a look at pictures ,you can see many  light box ,freeze glass display showcase ,working counter , chairs with bar counter and so on

  1. The big logo at side on big light box, the logo It’s easy to remove or replace.(so you can replace the logo “Frozen yogurt to “ice cream” ….)
  2. The light box and also can very easy to replace .

So you can use the kiosk to sell frozen yogurt and ice cream ,juice is ok.

frozen yogurt kiosk 3D design as below for reference.

Advantages of Unique kiosk

a. Capable and experienced design-team to give the 3D renderings

b. Skilled and rigorous workers to serve with high quality

c. factory company, more competitive and lower price

d. OEM/ODM Service can satisfy your specific requirements

e. The delivery time can be guaranteed

You can contact us to get more frozen yogurt kiosk design .

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