Frozen Yogurt Kiosk For Sale

Mall used froyo kiosk design with Best price

Frozen Yogurt Kiosk for sale – Unique customized mall used froyo kiosk with high quality finish , A healthy yogurt kiosk in mall is  food stall where you can do frozen yogurt business , Yogurt is name as a healthy food that make it very popular especially in young people, almost every one can not Resist temptation of a great yogurt , More and more business people start to opening a yogurt kiosk and shop in mall .

Mall used food kiosk Manufacturer & Price

Most of Frozen ice cream kiosk is manufactured with plywood and lamination , the counter top is normally applied with man made stone which is hard ,strong and beautiful.  Most important thing in a yogurt kiosk is the topping part, because frozen has so many taste and flavors ,  so need  many different topping to hold it  what more important is the topping must be chilled , Most of  frozen yogurt kiosk manufacturers will choose to use Stainless steel to make the toppings  some of them will also use food grade plastics.

Where to buy a best quality mall yogurt shop furniture ?

Froyo store fixtures are very similar like ice cream kiosk in mall. Sometimes you can even change them in return.  In fact , you can used ice cream kiosk to sell frozen yogurt or use yogurt store to serve ice cream. For many vendors will choose to do two business together. No matter which products you are selling. A unique design and high quality kiosk is a key point to business success.

Unique kiosk is a professional mall used food kiosk manufacturer , we design and build customized frozen yogurt kiosk for sale. And provide best yogurt kiosk design and competitive  kiosk price for you. If you want to start a frozen yogurt kiosk business in mall or yogurt franchise business. Here is the right place to go .

How to ship and install mall kiosk ?

All the yogurt Kiosk in our factory  Normally need about 3 weeks for manufacturing , We have over 50 skilled workers and guarantee a short delivery time. Unique has successfully build kiosk for My culture  Frozen yogurt which is franchise business all over the world .

Our Mall used food  kiosk  and food stall are easy assemble with high quality materials. We design the kiosk in a best way for knock down packing, Which will help you save a lot on shipping .What’s more , you do not need a professional team for installation ,Our designer make accurate design and you  just need  2 or 3 worker can finished it in 2-3 hours.


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