Today I want to introduce you to the irregular frozen yogurt stand. Usually, kiosks are square, but in fact, there are very few information kiosks with irregular shapes. We know that the mall is a very bustling and lively place with a lot of kiosks. Or our competitors. If we want to attract customers’ attention, we must start with our stand design.

Let us take the following frozen yogurt kiosk as an example, this frozen yogurt stand size is 3x2m.

Frozen Yogurt Stand Design Idea

From the design diagram below, we can see that it is a pentagon with a total of 5 machines. For this ice cream, there are many flavors to choose from. Our ice cream machine should be placed where customers can see it. Next to the ice cream machine is another topping machine, which can put our condiments or dried fruits. Generally, the refrigerator place under the counter. We can put other small machines on the counter, such as coffee machines or juice machines. In this kiosk, the coffee machine on our countertop is also hidden, it will not be directly exposed to customers.

On the right is the entrance. We have a sink cabinet on the back. If the mall has water, we can directly connect the pipe to the mall. There are two reasons why the back wall is made into a wall, one is to separate it from the back seat area, and the other is to facilitate us to display our menu or product promotional images on it.

On the left is our cash register, customers can go to the back to sit and wait after ordering a meal here.

Seating area

I wonder if you have noticed that there are more customers for frozen yogurt kiosk with seating areas. The purpose of our going to the mall is to go shopping. When we want to eat, most of the time we are hungry or tired. At this time, if there is a frozen yogurt kiosk that has seats and sells other snacks, I think we will probably go there. And part of this seating area is separated from the kiosk. Personally, I am more used to eating quietly and don’t like people on the opposite side. I like this kind of seat design.

Frozen Yogurt Stand Material & Decoration

Material: This kiosk is made of MDF, solid wood, and baking paint. The main decoration color is solid color and wood color. The main color of our kiosk is white, and the back wall is green and wood. You can choose different colors of wood color to make the kiosk, if you have a favorite color, you can tell me. Because this design is just a reference now, if we want to start our kiosk in the mall, we need to make a new design.

Decoration: The main decorations of this kiosk are dots, logos, and lightbox paintings. We can see that there is a luminous dot of different colors in front of it. This kind of decoration is also very common in bubble tea kiosks. We can see our menu and ice cream pictures on the back wall, these are also the decoration of our frozen yogurt kiosk. Decorations are just a side effect of them. Their main function is to promote our products and let customers know what we sell.

How to assemble this frozen yogurt stand?

It is roughly divided into 6 cabinets for production and packaging. Each cabinet complete in our factory. They all have connectors on the bottom. When you receive the goods, you need to put the separate cabinets together and connect the male and female plugs between them. Our back wall area is relatively large, and its connection method is the same as the front cabinet. Our main wire and main switch are in the cabinet under the cash register. You need to connect it to the mall. If you don’t understand, we will shoot you an installation video during production. It is very simple.

How to start a mall kiosk?

The key to starting a kiosk is to design because we need to design a kiosk that belongs to us and send it to the mall for review. Our production is done in accordance with the design drawings. It is very important to confirm the design first.

You can tell me what kiosk size you need, send me your logo and your requirements. Our design will help us to design. The design fee is 300$, when we place an order, it will be returned to you.

What is the production time?

When we confirming the design and the detailed drawings, we can start production. Production time is about 25-28 working days.

How much for this frozen yogurt stand?

Our kiosk price is based on size, material, and style. Different sizes and styles have different prices. This kiosk size is 3x2m, it is made of MDF, solid wood, and baking paint, with the back wall, the price is about 7500$.

Payment Terms

50% deposit and 50$ balance payment before shipment.

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