Chocolate is a very delicious dessert. It has many flavors and many combinations. Chocolate is often used as a sauce. No matter what kind of food, chocolate is always everywhere in our lives. We are a manufacturer of a kiosk in a shopping mall, and what I want to introduce to you today is a chocolate display kiosk.

Chocolate Display Kiosk Description

This chocolate kiosk is a very popular type in shopping malls. From the design, we can clearly see it. Regardless of its shape, color, or effect. We all know that customers are always attracted to something interesting or beautiful. The main feature of this kiosk is the outside chocolate drops. Our customers can see at a glance what we mainly sell.

We can clearly see the location of each machine and equipment from the design drawing, which is our customer’s design. It has more machines. We need to know the size of some large machines so that we can leave a suitable position in the kiosk. The front of it is the cash register, the left side is topping and some machines and the front of the machine is a baffle to avoid direct contact between our machines and customers. On the right is a glass display cabinet, which can put some cooked food. Customers can choose directly. Behind our kiosk are a workbench and sink cabinet. The sink is essential for the pantry.

Our big machines such as refrigerators can be placed under the counter.


Size: 5x3m  (dimension depends on your location area)

Main material: MDF

Surface finish: Baking paint

Countertop: Man-made stone

Other materials: Tempered glass, lock,  stainless steel, acrylic, etc.

Production time: 22-28 working days



Chocolate Display Kiosk Production Pictures

We have our own factory, above is our kiosk design. After we confirm the design, we need to send it to our mall for review. We can only start production after passing the audit. We have our own factory, whether it is design or production, no third party joined. It will be much easier for us to control and check the quality. When we send the order to the factory, they will make it strictly according to our specifications. During the production process, we can send you a progress map, and you can track your goods at any time. We will install the glass, sink, socket, logo, lamp, etc. for you. Although our kiosk is made separately, each cabinet is a complete cabinet. After you receive the goods, you only need to put them together. Let’s look at the kiosk in our factory.

Kiosk Assemble

Our kiosk assemble is very easy. As I said earlier, this kiosk is made up of several individual complete cabinets. When you receive the goods, you can connect the male and female connectors at the bottom of the adjacent cabinets. After connecting, one of our main wires is inside the cashier cabinet, and we need to connect it to the main power supply of our mall. It will work.

How to order a customize kiosk?

The first step in customizing a kiosk is to design. We need to confirm all the details through design. Such as the color, the position of the machine, and its overall effect. After confirming the design, we will have a detailed drawing with all the dimensions. We can use these dimensions to confirm whether our machine fits inside. Of course, the machine we designed in the kiosk is also designed according to the size of the machine you provide.

Our kiosk design fee is 300USD. We will provide the full 3D kiosk design and the construction drawings. You can send them to your mall for approval. If they don’t understand or need to modify something, we will help you modify it until it is approved by the mall. Then we can start production and arrange transportation.

What is the chocolate display kiosk price?

Our kiosk is based on its size, material, and style. This chocolate kiosk size is 5x3m, made of MDF and baking paint, the price is 7600$. If you want to create a kiosk, the price is based on the final design.


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