American style chocolate display counter candy kiosk fashion design

Chocolate is a kind of food that can use as a gift for your friends or family. If you want to start a food business, you can try to sell the chocolate and make a chocolate kiosk as a beginning.

This is an American style chocolate display counter candy kiosk fashion design. You can check this design for a reference and we will guide you on how to make a customized kiosk to start your own business.



This chocolate kiosk is a high-end style with black and brown wooden color. On the front side is a small cashier counter with a printing logo and two sides with a glass display area. Inside is the storage area with display shelf for you to put something.

For the material of this chocolate kiosk, we can use plywood with laminate and for the countertop, we can use stone material. It is an open style so inside can fit many staff. We can use the material according to your need if the shopping mall have any special requirement for the material.



Please kindly check with the shopping mall what is the size of your location. If you have a logo, please send it to us then we will add it to the chocolate kiosk design. A logo is an important thing to show your brand to the customer.


We will arrange the shipping for you and our team will do all the work. And including customs clearance and all the export works. If we ship the chocolate kiosk door to door, then we will do all the export works and import works for you. You just need to arrange your people to unload the goods and pay the import tax.

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