10 x 10 ft Nutella Chocolate Kiosk Crepe Food Stall For Simon Mall

Chocolate is one of the most popular foods in the world. It made by grinding cocoa beans, the fruit of the tropical plant cocoa, into powder, and then adding sugar and spices. Chocolate has a strong aroma and is a fairly classic dessert snack. On Valentine’s Day, chocolate can be given to lovers as a gift. Or when a friend’s birthday, when giving gifts to each other, chocolates are a good choice for gifts.

The 3D design of the chocolate display showcase crepe kiosk we customize for our customer:

So this is a small food booth to open in the shopping mall to sell chocolate, crepes, cake, or other foods. The size is not too big, 10x10ft of this chocolate food stall crepe kiosk. And the whole kiosk we use the main material plywood with laminate to make it. This is the most suitable material for food kiosk. Meanwhile, the countertop is white color man-made stone, somebody also called it Corian. This is a kind of stone material suitable for food kiosk. And another is quartz stone. But usually, we will use man-made stone. Because it can seamlessly splice but the quartz stone cannot.

For this chocolate kiosk, we will install the whole set kiosk in our factory. As you can see on the above 3d design, we will include everything like 3d lighted logo, lighted box, all the wires and sockets, white color Led strip light, water sink, glass display showcase. After we finish the installation, we will send the pictures for you to check before we start the packing. And then if you check everything good, we will pack the kiosk divided into a few parts. After you receive the kiosk package, please open all the packages and put them together. Finally, please connect the wires together then the kiosk can work.

If you still have other questions about the chocolate kiosk, please email us at Thank you.

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