Chocolate kiosk design

The rich chocolate taste melts in your mouth. Opening a chocolate kiosk in a shopping mall is also a new experience. This article will introduce you to a new chocolate kiosk design.

The detailed design

The top of this kiosk is designed as chocolate models of different colors, but it looks like a roof because there is a brown chimney-like pillar on the top. On the side of the top, a model of black melted chocolate liquid is made around it. In addition, the top itself is white, and a vivid chocolate top is completed. People can see this unique chocolate sales kiosk from a distance. Under the roof, we can add a little decoration to the kiosk, such as adding chandeliers, small chocolate models, etc. The overall shape of the chocolate kiosk is square. In this design, the cabinet itself is white and surrounded by yellow stripes, which is a simple and clean combination. We can take the idea of a roof and add melted chocolate liquid models around it to make the design look more conspicuous and beautiful.

On the front of the kiosk, a transparent display refrigerator is placed in the middle so that when people pass by, they can clearly see the products on sale. Some food machines or other products can be placed on the countertop. There is also a glass display of products on the other side of the kiosk. The multi-faceted display and multi-flavored products can attract many customers. There is also a seating area on one side of the kiosk where customers can rest and taste their food.

Inside the kiosk, items such as sinks, machines, cash registers, etc. can be placed. The counter is made into a drawer or a cabinet that can store items, such as tools and food materials. On the back of this kiosk, there is an exit in the middle, and walls on both sides. Multi-layer display racks can be installed on the walls to place some condiments, etc.


We are custom factory, can custom the size according to your requirements. Such as colors, logo, style etc. If you are interesting in this chocolate kiosk design, pls tell us the size you need, so that we can make the 3d design and quote for you. The design fee is USD300. We have professional design team and helped many customers to get the approval of the mall. Pls feel free to contact us, thanks.

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