Chocolate is a very popular dessert. When we talk about chocolate, we may think of Valentine’s Day or some more beautiful things. There are many types and flavors of chocolate, and children like chocolate very much. It is also one of the best choices for gifts. In the mall, we can often see kiosks selling chocolate. They have different shapes and sizes, and different businesses have different requirements for kiosks. So we can see a lot of chocolate kiosk that doesn’t listen to the style. Today I mainly want to introduce a chocolate kiosk ordered by a customer from the United States.

Mall Chocolate Kiosk Details

From the picture we can see that this is arc-shaped chocolate, the main color is black. We can find that most of the chocolate kiosk will use a color similar to that of chocolate. This kiosk can sell many things, such as chocolate, cakes, waffles, and so on. When we sell products, we will definitely use some machines or display cabinets. We need to determine the location of the machine and kiosk, which is why we need to make a design for our kiosk. This kiosk has two large cake display cabinets, and a baffle is needed in front of them. If we start to make kiosks without the size of the computing machine, the result may be that the size of the machine does not match the size of the kiosk, and the machine cannot fit well in the kiosk, so we will lose a lot. So if you have a large machine, you must bring it up when designing it.

In addition to the machine, we can see that there are cash registers, pancake machines, and coffee machines on the counter. This small machine can be placed directly on the counter. On the curved side is some round anti-jam steam pan. Inside, you can put some melted chocolate and some dried or nut toppings. The work area has a glass baffle on the countertop, which can be effectively separated from the outside, which also meets the requirements of the current epidemic.


Size: 5x3m

Basic material: Plywood

Surface finish: Laminate

Glass: 8mm Tempered glass

Skirting: Stainless steel

Logo: Acrylic

Include: Sockets, LED light



Chocolate Booth Production

After the audit is passed, the production can be started. We have two kinds of materials, MDF with baking paint and plywood with laminate. This kiosk uses plywood and laminate, which is also the requirement of the mall. If the mall has suggestions, we can modify them according to their requirements. We will help you get a review of the mall.
We have our own factory, and we will start preparing materials when you place an order. Our workers have a wealth of work experience, we pay great attention to the quality of the products, we will carefully check before shipping. What we provide is a complete kiosk, we will install glass, logo, and light strips. When you receive the goods, you only need to assemble the separate cabinets together. When the production is completed, we will also send you an installation video.

Order Process

  1. Tell me what kiosk size you need and your requirements, we can design a new kiosk according to your ideas. Design is the first step in starting order, and it is very important. We also need to design to get approval from the mall. The design fee is 300USD, design will take 2-3 working days. When we finish the design, we can check all the details.
  2. Start production. Our production time is about 28 working days. During the production process, we can update you at any time.
  3. Transport. After the goods are completed, we will arrange for packing and shipping to your country.

Both the shipping and shipping time depend on your country, and we welcome your inquiries very much.



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