4m×2m dessert kiosk for ice cream in Canada mall

Good morning everyone! Welcome to visit our website. The weather is really hot today, is the weather good on your country? Many people likes dessert like ice cream, frozen yogurt or some cold drinks. Someone who wants to start their own business choose to open a dessert shop, especially in the mall to start their business first. I believe that you are also one of them. That’s why I want to introduce you this dessert kiosk for you to sell ice cream.

Basic information about he dessert kiosk

  1. Material: Plywood, acrylic logo, stainless steel, light box paint for poster
  2. Finish: Baking paint
  3. Color: Black color with colorful WordArt logo
  4. Size: 4m×2m
  5. Style: High end design and convenient use

Dessert kiosk

This dessert kiosk use black color as the basic color, which makes people feel very special. And the black let the brand logo more unique and more prominent. Do you like black in your own kiosk style? When I see the design at the first time, I was attracted by the huge glass display showcase. Not only because it occupied the general space, but more importantly, it was filled with delicious ice cream desserts. Don’t you want to take a sip when you see two pictures of delicious ice cream next to the checkout counter? And the body says, real natural milk, really-really creamy; real fruit pulp, really-really delicious! To be honest, I can’t wait to taste it when seeing this. What about you?


The back side is working area. The counter top is for machines and sinks, like oven, shake, and roll-up machines and sink. Under the working table is for storage. And refrigerator should next to it. If you need to put other machines into the kiosk, please let the designer know at first, so they can find a place for all your machines. Do you like the pink light strip on the kiosk body? It’s for decoration and eye-chaching. If I have a dessert shop one day, I will definitely choose this style as the basic design. Please let me know what’s your favorite style, thank you for reading.

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