20ft×10ft white color rolled ice cream display showcase for Dessert

Hello friends, good morning to you. Are you looking for a beautiful ice cream display showcase for your store? Do you want a unique ice cream kiosk design to reflecting your brand? Do you want to design the store with your own idea? If your answer is yes, congratulations, you must need this one. Let’s see how it meet your demand.

ice cream display showcase

This ice cream display showcase measures 20ft by 10ft. White is the basic color with blue and yellow color for decoration. We can see in the design that the back wall is higher than the front counter, so you should pur manus, posters and TVs here. In this design, it has 4 different posters with colored ice creams, which looks delicious.

It’s used for sell rolled ice cream. There are two machines for rolled ice cream, a 2-pool sink, a under counter fridge, 3 popcron machines. On the corner, is a small house with blue cone roof and yellow railing decoration. You can store some food here. Besize the high glass wall and 2-layer glass display cabinet Some photos for you.

ice cream display showcase

The material include Plywood, solid wood, baking paint, tempered glass, light box, acrylic , stainless steel, etc. Don’t worry about the light and wires. It should hidden inside the counters, so customers won’t see them. Everything should be ready before shipping to you. So that you can use it directly. Would it be conenient for you? However, there is no such a big package to pack it as a whole, so that we need to devided into several parts. When it deliver to your country, you can only put them together and use it. Only two person can do this job, as it’s simple enough.

Our company located in Shenzhen, China. We are the first factory who provide customized kiosks in Shenzhen in 10 years. There is an excellent design team in our factory to come up new design ideas for your kiosk. Our workers focused on details and will give you a beautiful kiosk. That’ why we need to make design before production.

Thank you for reading.

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