Are you looking for a unique blue ice cream kiosk for your business? Are you worried about the high rent of the store? Do you want your own ice cream kiosk to stand out?

Today I want to show you a style to solve your problem. This is a blue ice cream kiosk in the shopping mall. You don’t need to rent a big store anymore, only a small place is enough.  And it can be any shape you want. Because it can be designed as you like before production. Isn’t amazing?

Firstly, we can see that the whole ice cream kiosk covers a blue color with a white surface for decoration and wooden countertop. It looks very high-grade and attracts clients. Secondly, there is a high wall with a ceiling on the back of the kiosk. You can prepare ice cream on the long working table. A big LED menu along with 4 posters on the back wall. It’s good for customers to purchase what ice cream they really want. Third, when production your own kiosk, the Logo should be your own brand logo. Finally, you can also add some seats on the two sides. On the bottom are some locked cabinets for storage.

So the material of the ice cream kiosk includes plywood, baking paint, led light, cables, acrylic, wood veneer, hardware and so on. When you don’t know where is good for your machines, please let us know in advance. Our designer will find a good place for them and show you in the 3D max design. The size can be 3m×3m, 4m×3m, 2m×3m, so this ice cream kiosk can be well suit for your business.

If you like this ice cream kiosk to be your kiosk design, but you don’t like the blue color. Please don’t worry, the color should be changeable. That means you can choose any color you want. Now you can tell us your own idea about the kiosk you want. We are sure that we can design according to your special needs. Because we are the first one to provide custom service in Shenzhen. We are waiting for your message. Thank you for your time.

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