3m×3m sweet food kiosk ice cream booth stand for sale

Hello everyone! Are you going to open an ice cream booth stand in the shopping mall? As we all know ice cream becomes more and more popular among people. Especially in hot weather, we all trend to buy one to cool down. Since ice cream tastes sweet and delicious, it is loved by everyone. Before open sweet ice cream business, we must choose a beautiful kiosk first. Because it will high light your business and improve sales volume. Here is a nice ice cream booth stand design may help you better.


  1. Size: 3m×3m (The dimension should be based on your location in the mall)
  2. Color: Purple, white and black (We can change to any color you require)
  3. Basic material: MDF or Plywood (We will choose one suit for the kiosk)
  4. Surface: Laminate or baking paint (Different surface has different effort)
  5. Other materials: Tempered glass, stainless steel sink and kicking, man made stone counter top, acrylic logo, hardware and light strip. (Please let us know if there is special materials)
  6. Design time: 2-4 business days (Our design team will try our best to finish the design, when you need it urgently, please let us know in advance)

This ice cream booth stand include display counters, checkout counter, storage cabinet, logo and advantage stand. It also has a frozen for beverages and ice cream display showcase. And there are 2 symbols of panda holding the ice cream looks cute and recognizable. Do you like this design idea? Don’t you want such an attractive display booth?

3D designs

ice cream booth stand

How to get a unique display booth

At first, let the designer know all the details of the kiosk we want, including machines size, layout, color, material and so on. Second, the designer draw 3D design according to the requirements. Usually, it need 3 days to finish. Third, check the designs clearly and let the designer know whether you need to make a small change. Then, modify to meet your demands. Finally, confirm the final design and note basic information to the design. And you finally receive your own store design.

When you need further information and wants to view more new designs, please contact us and send an inquiry. We are here and ready to help. Thank you

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