Bubble tea is one of the most popular beverages. In addition, to bubble tea shops, the most popular place to sell bubble tea is the kiosk in the mall. If we know the kiosk in the mall, we can know that the kiosk in the mall is different. Many businesses will design their own kiosk according to their own ideas and the size is given by the mall. The designed kiosk needs to be reviewed by the mall before it can be used. So, if we want to start a kiosk in the mall. We must first find someone to help us design a kiosk and produce it. A unique furniture company will be your best choice.

Best price for the 3x2m bubble tea kiosk ice cream booth for sale:

This bubble tea kiosk is about 3x2m. And the material is MDF with baking paint, 8mm tempered glass for the glass. It is a simple bubble tea kiosk design but it is also useful. The front on the right side is for the cashier counter. And the middle of the front is a toppings area for displaying the foods like ice cream or some food ingredient. The backside counter is a water single sink and on the countertop, you can put some equipment machines. Also, you can see a shelf can put something on it. We have many lighted boxes, you can change the pictures inside as you want. This kiosk can for 2-3 people to work inside. It is very suitable for someone to open a small business.

Kiosk size: 3x2m

Basic material: MDF

Surface finish: Baking paint

Glass: Tempered glass

Logo: Acrylic

Toe kick: Stainless steel

Color: Black, white, and pink (It can be customized)

Others: LED light, chandelier, lightbox, anti-jam steam pan


Kiosk Production

After confirming the final design and passing the review of the mall, we will start production. We are a customized company with our own factory. So after the customer places an order, we will prepare for construction. Our work is implemented completely in accordance with the construction drawings. The construction drawing contains all the dimensions, colors, materials, and accessories of the kiosk. Of course, before starting to paint, we will send the color to the customer for confirmation, and when there is no problem, we will start to paint.

We will install everything in the design, such as lights, lightboxes, logos, etc. In addition, we will also install wires and sockets. They can be used for your machine to run, so it is very convenient.

If there is no water source in the mall, the required water is also realized through the water system and sink. You can get a complete kiosk here.

Here is the kiosk real picture

Bubble Tea Kiosk Assemble

During transportation, we will disassemble the kiosk, and you need to assemble it when you receive the goods. The assembly is very simple, you only need to place the separated cabinets according to the position of the design drawing, and then connect the male and female joints under the adjacent cabinets. Finally, we will have a main wire under the cabinet at the checkout counter, just connect it to the power supply of the mall.

After we finish the production, we can take the video of the kiosk so that you will be more clear. You can contact us if you have any questions during assembly.

How to order the kiosk?

  1. If you like the above kiosk and you want to make the same one, you can send the picture to us. Our staff will help you process this order. This kiosk price is about 7500$. When receiving the kiosk 50% deposit, we will start the production.
  2. If you have a space in the mall and you get the size, you can tell me the location size, and your requirements. We can design the new kiosk according to your size and your requirements. We can also put your logo on the kiosk. When finish the design, you can send it to your mall for approval. The design fee is 300USD, when we place an order, it will be returned to you.


Note: The kiosk price is based on the final design. We need to know its size, material, and style. If you want to know the kiosk price, you need to tell us what size you need and send your favorite kiosk picture. We can give you an estimated price.


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