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Bubble tea drink is a fast-developing project that keeps up with the times. It brings a very fashionable consumption concept to consumers and is deeply loved by people, especially young people. But if you really want to engage in this industry, you have to think first, is it profitable to do milk tea business? What equipment and processes are needed?

First of all, the profit of milk tea shops is definitely very high. Why are there now milk tea shops on the streets and alleys? It is because the industry has high profits. But the future is unknown.

If you want to start a milk tea business, you have to know:

1. How much do you have to spend?

Consider from rent, house transfer fees, decoration, equipment, raw materials, and personnel salaries.

2. How much do you cost per cup of milk tea on average?

If different raw materials the cost will differ.

3. How much do you sell for each cup and how much money you can make from each cup.

4. What is the environment around your store or shopping mall?

## Mainly the flow of people and the overall consumption environment, whether it is high or low, estimate how many cups can be sold in a day. If you know about these things, you have a certain degree of certainty about your business opening.

Now many people are willing to open a bubble tea kiosk in the shopping mall instead of open a bubble tea shop. Because when the people walk through the shopping mall, when they thirsty they can have a drink. And one of the important advantages of open a bubble tea kiosk is cost saving. You don’t need to rent a whole shop. Instead of a whole shop, you can contact the shopping mall manager to get a kiosk location. The bubble tea kiosk we can customize with any size as you want. Because the different customer has different requirements. So that is why we offer the customize service to our customer.

So how to start the 3d design of the bubble tea kiosk?

After you get the location size from the shopping mall manager. Please get back to us your location size and if you have your own brand logo. Also, send to us and then we can put your logo on it. The design fee we will charge a 300USD design deposit. But it will deduct from the total amount when you order a bubble tea kiosk.

Our design team will make the 3d design with your location size, logo, colour, equipment and all other your requirements. You may want to know how long can you get the design? We will send the 3d design to you within 2-3 days. And after you check, we can make the changes for you if you want. Finally, we will make the construction drawing for you to get approval from the shopping mall.

Some questions you may want to know:

How can I get the food kiosk? How will it delivery? Can you delivery to my home address?

** We will ship the bubble tea food kiosk by sea. And you don’t need to worry about the shipping. We can arrange the shipping for you. It can ship to the port and also ship to your door to door address.


How to install the bubble tea kiosk when I receive it?

** When you receive the food bubble tea kiosk, please open all the packages. And put the bubble tea kiosk parts in together. Then you need to connect the male & female connectors together. And connect to the shopping mall power supply, the bubble tea will go on.

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