Mall Food Kiosk For Crepes Bubble Tea Booth With Juice Bar Counter

In recent years, bubble tea has become more and more popular. Many people want to start their own milk tea brand business, but don’t know where to start. If you have this kind of question, then come to our unique customize company. We are a professional manufacturer of customized mall food kiosk design and production. Our company has more than 10 years of kiosk and shop furniture production experience. We can make a bubble tea food kiosk customize as the mall requirements. And we will help you to get the approval from the shopping mall center.

How to start a bubble tea kiosk business in the shopping mall?

At first, if you want to make a bubble tea kiosk. You need to find a location first. So you can search some good location in the shopping mall. And then you need to discuss with the shopping mall manager about the size of the location and the mall requirements. Usually, the mall manager will send a PDF, it has the kiosk requirements on it. We will maka the kiosk according to their requirements.

This is a bubble tea kiosk about 10x15ft. And the material is plywood with laminate ( white color laminate, wooden color laminate and red color laminate ). The countertop material is white color man-made stone. Man-made stone also named corian. This is the standard material of the food mall kiosk and it is very suitable for the food kiosk countertop. The front countertop is for the cashier register and some toppings for display the food. The back counter is for the water sink and work counter with some equipment machine. For the logo, yes, we can customize for you to put your own logo brand on the kiosk.

Thanks for your read. Please contact us to make a beautiful customize bubble tea food kiosk.

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