Is eating fast food addictive?

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Fast food is a kind of food that is fast and does not taste bad. Maybe we all know that this kind of food is not good for our health, but we always want to eat it unconsciously. However, some people have raised doubts about whether fast food can be addictive, and those who want to know have a look! Fast food may not be addictive but it must be very fat! It is not surprising that eating fast food such as hamburgers and fries on a regular basis will lead to weight gain. After all, these delicious fast foods are high in fat and calories.

But now, some people are asking: Is eating fast food addictive?

Fast food triggers hormonal changes in the body that may make it harder for hormones that control appetite to work, scientists have found after studying the biological effects of eating fast food. Studies have shown that the amount of calories and fat provided by a fast food meal is close to the full amount of calories and fat intake recommended by doctors for a day. As people gain weight because of their obsession with fast food. They also become less sensitive to the regulatory effects of a hormone called liptin and a peptide linked to appetite called galanin.

Leptin is a hormone closely linked to weight and appetite. It sends signals to parts of the brain that coordinate eating behavior. The Rockefeller University in New York conducted experiments on animals. They found that if young mice were fed a high-fat diet early in their development, they became obese as adults. But other scientists say there is no conclusive evidence that eating foods high in fat and sugar is addictive, according to New Scientist.


David Kessler, a professor at the University of California, believes that carefully prepared fast food by food manufacturers can make diners just reach a critical state known as the “happiness point” when eating, which is triggered by a stronger appetite. Many consumers (especially teenagers and children) can’t resist the temptation to stop eating immediately, even when they are already full.

The fat, sugar and salt in food, even along with the texture of the food when chewed, have been carefully studied and designed to make these foods “super tasty.” With different flavors of food and seasonings, after a certain combination, it will trigger more taste nerve cells and make it more excited. And the belief of wanting to eat is stronger, so that it is slowly addictive, and at the same time. The diners eat too much food that they do not need.

Fast food can make consumers eat it quickly

Nutrition reports show that when a person is full, it takes 20 minutes for the stomach to send a satiety signal to the brain. So the faster you eat fast food, the more food you need to buy to fill your stomach, because your brain doesn’t realize how much you’ve eaten in a short period of time. So fast food restaurants are designed to make consumers eat more without even realizing it

Have you ever noticed that fast food restaurants produce food that tastes almost the same? Whether it is a burger, French fries or onion rings, it tastes like fast food because the food in fast food restaurants is standardized and can meet the needs of most people. In order to appeal to consumers’ taste buds and entice consumers to continue eating. These foods are made “just right” and taste neither too greasy nor too bland.

Ditch the fast food addiction

Although over-reliance on food can be very harmful to the body, for most people, it is just a simple “love to eat”, and there is no need to panic. But if your diet is having a big negative impact on your life, or even out of control, then you may need to face up to the problem.
Some studies have shown that breaking a food addiction or dependence is more complicated than breaking many other addictions. For example, alcohol and caffeine, we can do absolutely no contact as control and supervision. But food addicts can not, they still need to eat. If you find that you may be overly dependent on food, you can improve the situation in the following ways.


Check your eating habits

If you want to know how to cure your fast food addiction, here are the first things you should consider!You should start evaluating how often you go to fast food restaurants. How many times a day do you go, or how many times a week or month? Once you answer these questions truthfully, you are one step closer to breaking your fast food addiction.

Start eating healthy foods

It may seem hard, but if you want to know how to kick your fast food addiction, you should take the necessary steps and start a new eating plan. Trying to find a way to replace those fast foods may take some time, but once you choose your products, health food shopping will seem less difficult.

Give up soda

According to recent research on fast food addiction, the biggest challenge to kicking a fast food addiction is giving up soda. You should start by reducing the amount of soda you drink, and then gradually transition to drinking only water.

Pick healthy snacks

Another great way to give up your fast food addiction is to replace fast food with healthy snacks.

Change your environment.

Familiar scenes, pictures, etc., will remind you of the days before the feast, and arouse the appetite you should have restrained. So try to change the work, living environment, turn off the circle of friends, Weibo and other social media, so that you avoid all kinds of food.

Replace what you have on hand with something healthy

Replace the pastries, fried foods and fatty meats around you with fresh fruits and vegetables and lean meat, so that even if you eat too much, it is not easy to cause harm to the body. At the same time, you’ll get a greater sense of accomplishment from the thought of eating right and feel more confident about rebuilding your eating habits.

Find friends to fight with

In many countries there are already well-developed support systems for Food Addicts, such as Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous, which are similar to alcoholics meetings and run through 12 stages to help people stop eating.

Find professional support

For psychological and physical problems, of course, it is more reliable to find a professional psychologist and dietitian. Food is important to everyone: providing nutrition, passing on culture, enjoying life

A true foodie, who knows how to enjoy life, can find a reasonable balance between food and health, rather than allowing themselves to binge at the cost of health. This way, when you want something sweet, you can enjoy couple nuts or fresh fruit, of course dehydrated fruit or plain yogurt are also good choices, with hard work you will soon be goodbye to fast food addiction!

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