Luxury Fast Food Shop Design Unique Coffee Store Decoration

Are you looking for an attractive fast food store design? Recently, more and more people open food shops and hoping to earn a profit. The most popular food shop is a coffee shop and fast food shop. Today, I want to share a nice fast food shop with you. It is good to sell coffee, cakes, wine, and snacks. Let’s view how it helps us with business.

Luxury fast food shop design

A fast-food shop, usually has a service counter, seating table and chairs, kitchen room, brand logo sign with menu, and wall decoration. The furniture layout, unique color, and creative decoration leave a deep impression on people. A good shop decoration improves the shop imagine and also creates a comfortable feeling.

crepe shop boothService counter design

When entering the shop, we can see the L shape service counter directly. Clients order their meals here and take meals from here. There is a 3-stair-display counter to showcase snacks. People can take it directly and pay for it. As cashier counter next to it. Do you attract by the wines hang the top? The top ceiling cabinet not only increases the display showcase area, but also a decoration with blue light. The back wall is a working area with wall cabinets. Menu with price list set on the back wall as a guide for people to choose.

Seating area introduction

The seating area has many tables, chairs, and a sofa. Which allows more people to sit down and enjoy foods. There is a waiting sofa close to the back wall to make good use of space. While the center is set small tables and leave enough space for walking.

cake shop design

Wall decoration

The main tone of the fast-food shop is warm yellow light with so many green plants for decoration. Which gives people a healthy feeling. We can see a picture of a woman with glasses on the wall. It is decorated with yellow lights, and the back wall is a yellow luminous sign. It brings unique scenery to the coffee shop. We can also hang paintings here or lightbox paintings to show delicious foods.

Brand logo sign

The brand logo is very important for a retails coffee shop. People distinguish us from other food shops because of the brand logo and decoration. We can put it on the shop front, the service counter body, and can even make a wall to make the logo standing out. Besides, please pay more attention to the logo design.

restaurant furniture design

Material show

Main material: Plywood

Surface material: Solid wood finish or laminate

Countertop: Marble stone or Corian stone

Kicking: Stainless steel

Logo: Acrylic or Neon logo

How to get a fast-food coffee shop?

crepe booth

 First, sketch according to shop size

We should make a business plan and rent a shop under the budget. Then arrange the furniture according to the shop size. It’s better to sketch so that the manufacturer can know your needs directly.

Second, make the shop design

We can find a factory to make the shop furniture. They will help you make a professional 3D design and show all the details directly. The design drawing needs about 3 days to finish.

Fourth, confirm it as the final design

When we have the design drawing, we have to check the drawing carefully and confirm it as the final drawing. If we want to add new ideas to it, the designer can update it soon.

Finally, produce it step by step

The next step is to make a construction drawing according to the confirmed design. Then produce it step by step. Every step will take pictures to show you so that you can control the production progress directly.

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