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“How often do you put on makeup?” 85% person use cosmetics every day. Cosmetic and skincare products are easily found in the world. Nearly every female put on makes in daily life. They even spend 1-2 hours starting makeup, and strictly follow the skincare and makeup steps to make themselves attractive. I am sure that it’s a great time to open a cosmetic shop and make money.

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How to choose cosmetic store furniture?

Cosmetic store furniture not only showcases products but also reflects the brand culture. We should focus on the cosmetic store design most, as a good decoration attracts people and bring us more business. Here are some tips on choosing a good cosmetic display cabinet.


The shop size is very important. Because it related to the shop rent and determines the number of cosmetic store fixtures. For the first business plan, a 6m*4m cosmetic shop is a very good size to start.

Materials & style:

The material depends on which style you want the cosmetic shop to be. For example, a modern cosmetic shop style mainly uses MDF with a shiny baking paint surface. As it looks upscale and attractive. However, if we want a special but simple design, natural wood finish is a good choice. It conforms to the characteristics of the product, and most of the raw materials of cosmetics come from nature. Woodgrain furniture can make customers feel cordial and choose us more.

cosmetic store furniture


The main color of the cosmetic is solid wood color. The countertop and shelf use white color, matches the brand logo wall. The whole shop has a warm white ceiling light and a white lamp under each shelf. It creates a very comfortable feeling.


When entering the cosmetic shop, we can see the high cosmetic display shelf on both sides. It can place all kinds of cosmetics and skin care products in an orderly. And clients can reach and get the ideal products directly. There is a round display shelf in 3 layers and a display counter with eye shadow and lipsticks. Consumers can try products and choose products that suit their skin type. Using a trial usually leads to more potential customers buying.

How to get a unique cosmetic shop?

Many people don’t know how to get a unique cosmetic shop decoration and even don’t have a clear mind to open a business. With 20 years’ customize shop furniture experience, I am glad to share some ideas to help you.

cosmetic shop design

Make 3D design

The 3D design is very important for a retail shop. Because it shows how the shop looks like and how much furniture includes and what is their location. The professional 3D design is made according to the shop floor plan and special needs. It needs about 3-5 days to finish and we will also add a brand logo to the drawing to see the effect. If the shop owner has new ideas, they can also modify them better.

Produce cosmetic shop furniture

Production progress needs about 25-28 working days. Workers build the cosmetic shop fixture step by step following the construction drawing. So you can receive the same furniture as the design shows. Each step will also take photos and even videos to show the owner.


Many people worry about installation, as they don’t want to save money to hire more clients. In fact, the shop furniture is fully installed in our factory. That means the shop furniture comes along with light, wires, cables, and even brand signs. When the goods arrive, the owner just needs to unpack them and put them in the right location. We will reserve wiring ports at the counter and connect them to the power supply to use.

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