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The fast-food shop is easy to find it everywhere. We can earn profit by open a fast food shop as no one refuse delicious food. People do research on shop decoration before starting a business hoping to get modern and special ideas. However, 3D design drawing is a good way to show how the shop furniture looks like. Today, I want to share a modern fast food shop design with you. We can use it to sell juice, bubble tea, green tea, snack, and cakes.

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food shop design

Layout introduction

Similar to other food shops, this fast-food shop has a services area, working area, and seating area. We set so many waiting tables, chairs, and sofa so that clients can sit down and enjoy themselves. On the left side is a service counter with a working table. Clients order food and get their food there. The service counter size is about 4m*2m, a very standard size for a 60square meters food shop. The front side has a display cabinet, POS, and menu. While the backside mainly put the coffee machine, fridge, bubble tea tank. We can also add a water sink for convenient use. There are many lightbox posters and drawings on the back wall, which show the food pictures directly, guiding people to try new and hot sale food.

bubble tea shop

Color description

The main color of the fast-food shop furniture is brown and beige. We use warm white light for brightness, which creates a comfortable atmosphere and makes people feel relaxed. The countertop is black in color, which is Black can enhance the style of the reception desk.

Material show

We use plywood to build the bubble tea shop counter. The main surface material is brown and natural wood. The wood finish is always popular as it creates a very active effect. Natural wood view as food-grade material, which is safe to build food shop furniture. And the marble countertop is dirt-resistant, easy to clean, and strong, which can well protect the counter surface. Stainless steel kicking protects the service well. The acrylic brand logo shows the brand culture and leaves a deep impression on people.

How to get to the bubble tea shop furniture?

food shop furnitureFirst step: Measure the bubble tea shop size and make a floor plan

When we rent an empty shop, we should know the length, width, and height of the bubble tea shop. Then we can make a floor plan and determine the location of the counter and seating area.

Second step: Make a 3D design picture according to the floor plan

We should find a professional design team and tell them the requirements. Then the designer will create 3D design models according to the floor plan. The design time needs about 3-5 days. And design service need 500usd, it will use as production deposit after order.

bubble tea shop

Third step: Confirm the final design and product of the furniture

We should check the design pictures carefully and confirm it as the final design. The new idea is allowed to add to the drawing to make it better. Next, we can check the price and make a construction drawing for production. Production needs about 28-30 workdays.

Fourth step: Review the finished photo and ship the goods

When the goods finish, the salesperson will take photos for confirmation. We should review the bubble shop furniture carefully and make sure everything works right. Finally, we can check the destination port and know the shipping freight. After 2-3 days package and a week to declare customs the goods can ship out. So, it’s better to leave at least two months to get it.

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