Wood and Black Fruit Shop Design Food Store Display Counter for Sale

Do you plan to open a fruit shop as your first business? There is a big market in the fresh fruit industry as people eat it every day. Before opening the fruit business, we should choose a modern and unique fruit shop design. Everyone has unique decoration ideas, that’s why the fruit shop looks different. We have to pay more attention to the shop furniture decoration to make it attractive and good to use.

Wood surface fruit shop design

fruit shop

  • Size: 6m*8m or customized size match your shop size
  • Color: Wood and black color
  • Material: Plywood, laminate, solid wood, marble stone, lightbox painting, menu, acrylic logo, etc.
  • Service available: Display showcase fresh fruit, make and sell juice and coffee, etc.
  • Design idea: From the customer’s requirements
  • Design time: 3-7 days, depends on the shop size

fruit shop design

Layout introduction

As clients enter the shop, they can see the service counter on the left side. People can order drinks here and pay bills for the fruit. Behind the glass window is a long L shape seating table, clients can sit down and enjoy themselves. Next to the service counter are 3 wall shelves, it says “Health and fresh” on the top, and the bottom has cabinets to place more items.

The inside wall has a seating sofa with a table and chairs. A large cold fridge set closed to it, people can buy cut fruits directly. The outside wall has a stair-shaped shelf display rack, it is good to place all kinds of fruit in order and consumers can also purchase it better. We can put brand name or guidance sign on the wall. There is a large oval display counter in the middle area, it has two layers to contain more products.

fruit shop decoration

We can also set a flower area near the glass window. It makes the fruit shop alive and clients can also purchase one flower when shopping. Which helps increase profit.

Material introduction:

We use plywood as basic material to make the fruit furniture. It’s a very stable and eco-friendly material for a food shop. Natural wood is used to make the finish, it views as a food-grade material and creates a unique effect. Many shop owners choose laminate as surface material. Because they can choose different colors for the fruit shop furniture.

How to make the shop design?

Many shop owner wants to know how does the fruit shop design being made. Now, let me show you the details.

fruit shelf display

First step: Discuss fruit shop decoration. The more information we confirm, the better design solution we will get.

Second step: Make the 3D design. The excellent design team work on it. We just need to wait and check the design drawing. They will also add new elements to make it look better.

Third step: Confirm it as the final design. If you still had new ideas, we can help you add them to the drawing. In order to save time, we recommend coming up with new ideas before starting the design. Because rendering clear photos need about 7 hours.

Fourth step: Calculate cost and make a construction drawing. When the design finish, we know how much furniture you need and what it looks like. So we can calculate the total price. Since we agree with the cost and confirm the order, the designer will make a construction drawing. It shows the production plan clearly and we can also see the material details, electronic plan, and dimensional drawing of each counter.

The production time needs about 30 days to complete everything, so please reserve enough time to make it. Shipping time need about 33 days after sail, includes clear customs time. It takes different times to transport to different ports.

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