Coffee is one of the popular drinks, we can see many coffee shops in the street. Have you observed the layout and style of the coffee shop? In my impression, most coffee shops are in dark color style. Many tables, chairs, or bar counters are in brown, dark brown, or black. The dull color gives the impression of being quieter. Many coffee shops feel like libraries. It’s very quiet, many people like to go to the cafe to pass the time, and some people like to work in the cafe. Therefore, if we plan to open a coffee shop, we must consider its interior decoration style. The best way is to make a design. Because the design can be modified at any time, we can start decorating the shop and purchasing furniture after confirming the design. What I want to introduce to you today is a beautiful cafe.

Cafe Interior Design

From the design drawing, this coffee shop is relatively simple. The furniture inside is only tables, chairs and bar counters. This is the standard equipment for milk tea shops or beverage shops, and it is also the most important piece of furniture. So when we design a store, we first design the bar.

The bar generally includes an ordering table and an operating table. In addition to coffee, most coffee shops also sell desserts or pastries. If the customer has a cake display cabinet, we will also design a model of the display cabinet at the bar. We will design a baffle to block the machine. Behind the bar is the console. This is where we work. We can make food and coffee here.

If the customer requests to sit on top, we will design a metal frame, which is used to hang the logo or menu. The top can also make the entire bar look more attractive.

After designing the bar, the next step is to design the tables and chairs. The layout of tables and chairs can be made according to customer requirements. We can add partitions in the middle to separate, or the seating area is an open area.

When we design the store, we also add some decorations. Such as lightboxes or some beautiful wall lights.

These are the main design content. This 3D design drawing allows us to clearly see the layout and colors of the entire store. If you are not satisfied with the color or layout, our designer can help you modify it at any time.

Coffee Shop Furniture

After confirming the design, we can understand what we need to buy. We will provide you with a quotation, you can see the details, the size, quantity, and price of the furniture. After confirming the order, we will prepare for production. We have our own factories, and our furniture will have a construction drawing, and they will be submitted to the mall. Our workers have a wealth of work experience.

Before starting work, they will study the drawings carefully and will produce them after there is no problem. The base material of the coffee shop furniture is plywood, and the surface treatment is laminate. It is very beautiful and durable. The skirting of the bar is wrapped in stainless steel, which can effectively prevent the penetration of water.

After completing the design drawing, if there is anything you need, you can provide it. Including machines.

How To Start the shop design?

Send us your shop floor plan and your requirements. Our designer will design the shop according to its size and requirements. If you have a cake display cabinet, you need to tell me the size, we can design the model in the design.

Is the shop design free?

Our design fee is based on the shop area. Generally $500-800$. It allows modification. We can design exactly according to your requirements, so you don’t have to worry about not liking it.

What is the design time?

About 3-4 working days


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