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Bakery shops have become more and more important in daily life. Many people buy a bakery on their way to work. It is also a great idea to open a bakery shop and earn money. We can also sell other kinds of foods and drinks to meet more people’s demands. Besides, it can help us win more clients and earn more money. Today, I want to share a nice bakery shop design with you. Hope to help the shop owner get more useful ideas.

cupcake store design

White bakery shop design

For a retail bakery shop, we usually place a display cabinet, POS counter, working table, brand logo, and reserve cabinets for storage. Besides, we should also leave space for machines and sink. If we want to expand the business, we have to arrange counters well in the correct place. In this way, we can make full use of space and reception more customers.


As we can see the front side has a long display counter with glass cabinets on the right side. We can place a bakery, cupcake, doughnut, etc. here, so people can purchase directly to save time. While the left side is used for paying bills and also a place for pick up food.

We can see inside the room is a working counter with the coffee machine on the top and other machines on the side for better use. The water sink inserts in an L shape display counter.

fast food shop design


The main color of the shop is white and brown wood color. It creates a modern style for decoration. The white color also makes the bakery shop simple but high-end. This color matches the mall rules so much, so please consider the landlord requirements before opening a business.


The bakery shop has a small size of 5m by 3m locations. Since it has a small location, it does not allow people to sit down and enjoy meals. However, we set a 2.5m counter table with chairs outside the bakery shop. Clients can seat here for a rest and eat food. It also has a high stand to show the brand name. Behind the logo, the wall is a curved counter with space in the middle, which attracts people’s eyes and makes the table complex in style. Do you like it?

bakery kiosk

Material details:

Basic material: Plywood

Surface material: Laminate or solid wood finish

Countertop: Marble tone

Display showcase: 8mm tempered glass

Working counter: Stainless steel

Other materials: Light lamp, acrylic, hardware, etc.

How much does the barker shop cost?

According to the design drawing, we have to produce the service counter and working the counter. The 5m by 3m bakery shop furniture costs about 7800usd, not including the machines. We can even give you an estimate of costs according to the floor plan. Because of the customized kiosk has a unique design with different materials, the price will be a little different from what you want. Therefore, the shop owner always makes the professional design first, then asks for the price to production.

How long to produce the bakery shop furniture?

It usually takes 25-28 work days to manufacture. Since the shop owner don’t have a clear mind of the furniture they want, we have to make a 3D design for confirmation. It needs about 2-3 work days to create design model. Since the landlord has to review the shop design, we recommend to reserve more time for confirmation. Most people leave at least two months before opening.

How to delivery the bakery display counter?

When the goods finish, we will take photos and videos to you. Then we can pack the goods well for shipment. The owner can pick up goods from the destination port.

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