Coffee and pastries have always been popular snack foods, and they often appear on various grand occasions. For example, some exchange meetings, afternoon tea, etc. have cakes. Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in adulthood. It can be refreshing and refreshing. And its taste and mouthfeel are very mellow. There are countless branded cafes. These two kinds of food are very elegant in my eyes. If I had a cafe, I would definitely decorate it carefully. Today I mainly want to introduce the design and decoration of the coffee shop.

Coffee Shop Design

We all know that the bar is one of the most important pieces of furniture in a coffee shop. When we buy or design, the bar is always the first consideration, and we have to figure out its placement. Customers can find the place to order the food as soon as they come into our shop. In addition to ordering food, a bar is also a place where customers pick up and pack food. If we also sell pastries, we can design pastry display cabinets at the bar, so that customers can purchase more conveniently.

Behind the bar is generally a stainless steel workbench. We only make coffee here. The shelf display on the wall can put some coffee or coffee beans and some decorations. Adding lighting decoration can make it more beautiful. Our menu can also be placed where all customers can see.

In addition to the bar, the next step is the decoration of the seating area and the wall. For milk tea shops or coffee shops, there are several styles of tables and chairs. I want to make full use of every space. The table against the wall can save a lot of space, which is very suitable for some alone customers. There are some tables and chairs placed in the middle of the store. It can be for two or three people. This is suitable for groups of customers.
We can also install some laminate displays on the wall of the store, they can put some books or plants, they can be used as the decoration of our store.

If we want to provide customers with a brighter view, we can install some chandeliers in the seating area.


How to get the design furniture?

If you like the furniture in the design drawings, we can produce them directly. However, the shape and size of each store are different, and the layout of the bar and table, and chairs we designed will also be different. Therefore, before production, we must specify a design that belongs to our own store, so that we can better buy furniture suitable for our store.

We can provide all the furniture, including bar counters, wall shelves, tables, and chairs, etc. If you also need some equipment, we can also help you buy it. You can get everything in the shop here.

 Working Process

  1. Send us your shop floor plan, It needs to include the dimensions of each side. Then we can design the inside furniture according to your shop area. You can tell me what style you like and send me your logo, we will design them in the shop. The design fee is 500-800USD, it depends on the shop area and design content. The design time is2-4 working days.
  2. Finish the design. We will send you to check, if you have any comments, you can tell us. We can modify the design according to your requirements. So you can get the kiosk you like here.
  3. Confirm the design. We will send you the shop quotation. It contains the price and size of each item.
  4. Confirm the order. We have our factory, when we place an order, we will start production. We will produce according to the style, size and color of the design drawing. Production time is about 28 working days.
  5. Transportation. We can ship the goods to your nearest port or the detailed address. The shipping fee and time are based on your country.


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