Bread is made of rye, wheat, and other food crops as basic raw materials, first ground into flour, then adding water, salt, yeast, etc. to knead the dough to make the dough, and then heating it by baking, roasting, steaming, or frying. food. It is often eaten for breakfast, and sometimes it can be used as food for hunger. The bakery is very popular. There are many kinds of bread in it. They are not only good-looking but also delicious.

Our common bread display shelves are made of wood, with warm lights inside and glass doors on the outside. Customers can freely choose the bread they like, and then check out at the front desk. Customers can choose to pack or eat in the store. Today I will briefly introduce the design of this bakery.

Bakery Design

We can see that this shop has a rectangular shape. Its width is relatively small. From the inside to the outside are cake display cabinets, cashier counters, bread display cabinets, tables, and chairs, etc. Due to space constraints, our tables and chairs can only be arranged near the wall, and there are also high bread display racks beside the wall. Customers can order freely.

The cabinets for displaying bread are generally made of wood, which is safer. We also choose some warm lights when we install the lights. This can make the bread look more attractive. Below the bread display cabinet are some storage drawers, we can store door tools or some packing boxes.

The style of the store can be determined according to the furniture, such as its color or style. The design of this store is relatively simple, it only needs a few seats and some shelves for displaying products. The space occupied by the cash register does not need to be too large, just put it on our cash register.

Bakery Furniture

All the furniture in this bakery has a front desk, ceiling, wall shelf, bread display stand, table, and chairs. We are a furniture customization supplier. After the customer confirms the final design, we can provide all the furniture in the design drawing and some decorations, such as logos or lightbox paintings.
Our furniture is made according to the design drawings, so you can get what you want here. The main materials of wooden furniture are plywood and laminate, it has many wood color options. We also have more options. If you have a logo, you can also send it to us and we will install it on the furniture. We will provide the shelf support for the wall shelf, and you need to install it yourself after you receive the goods.

We will also install lights and transformers on the display cabinets. When you receive the goods, connect the wires to the power supply in the store.

How to start the shop?

If you want to order some furniture for your shop, then the design is very important. Our furniture needs to be exactly the size of our store so that we can buy the correct furniture that fits our store. So, please send us the floor plan or size of your store, and our designers will start designing according to your requirements. After the design is completed, we can see the number, layout, and style of the furniture. If you meet your requirements, we can modify it. Through design, we can find our favorite furniture and style.

What is the design fee?

The shop design fee is based on the shop area. You can send us your shop floor plan, we will give you the price. When w place an order, the design fee will be deducted from your balance payment, so it is free.

What is the production time?

It depends on the furniture quantity and material. In general is 28 working days.



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