Fashion style coffee store furniture cafe bar counter

A good coffee shop should not only have good quality coffee but also comfortable, distinctive style and good store design. The aesthetics and comfort of cafe design directly determine customer satisfaction. So what are the key points of cafe shop design? 

When we make the design for the coffee store furniture, we need to pay attention to match the whole shop style. In a general way, white color with wooden color is a good match for a cafe shop. Below is a coffee store design with this color assortment. Let us see the design together.



The furniture and bar counter of this coffee store all use white color. Meanwhile, match the wooden wall and ceiling, dot tiles floor. The whole cafe shop decoration can let the customer feel comfortable. For the layout of this cafe store, the seating area is in a majority. Because this shop is not a small size coffee shop, there is ample seating area.


The bar counter of this cafe shop is a white color with the bottom dot pattern. We can use plywood as the basic material and white tiles as the surface finish. On the stainless steel toe kick, we can install the warm white led strip light in order to let the cafe shop look cozy.

The size of this cafe bar counter we can design according to the shop size and arrange the layout for you. For the layout of the bar counter, we usually make it depend on your equipment. You can feel free to send us if you have any ideas.


The seating area of this coffee shop is square shape table with some sofa and chairs. By the window, it has a wooden bar table and bar chairs. This bar area is suitable for someone alone. The overall style of this coffee store is relaxed and comfortable.

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