High-quality outdoor coffee kiosk and fast food store design

Hello Guys! Glad to know you plan to start a business. Outdoor kiosk becomes very popular nowadays. Because it is personalized and easy to operate, outdoor kiosks are the first choice for entrepreneurship. Today, I want to share a luxury outdoor coffee kiosk with you.

Outdoor coffee kiosk for sale

coffee kiosk

It is a very standard street kiosk, very convenient and attractive to use. The size is 3m in length by 2m in width, it uses to selling coffee, cake, fast food, and beverages. The whole store’s basic material is plywood, the surface is laminate and solid wood is very waterproof.

The outdoor coffee kiosk has a roof, floor, lock door, sales window, brand logo, display counter, menu board, poster area, etc. Light decoration also along with the outdoor kiosk for bright and show food in a good way. It likes a small house and can even install a water tap and sink to use.


The whole shop chose brown and gray as the main tone, laminated finished with some gray color solid wood strip decoration. It also matches some purple color acrylic logo and lightbox, looks very high end and beautiful. You can choose an ideal wood color to make it better. Other alternative materials allowed to add to the drawing.

Layout description

coffee kiosk

Let us look at the layout of the coffee kiosk. The front of the kiosk is a display window with a wooden counter. It can be used for cashiers, cakes, and beverage displays. Fit a rolling door to close it.

On the left side of the food kiosk is a door. You can enter the kiosk from here. To the right of the kiosk is a wooden counter with a glass display shelf. The information kiosk has a long counter on the back. Storage cabinets at the bottom to place more items, and a stainless steel sink that can be added to the workbench.

We can also put some necessary machines, like a coffee machine, cake display machine on the countertop. The back wall is red tile decoration, lightbox painting shows delicious food. Tasty food pictures can provide a reference for ordering food and attract consumers.

Brand logo set in the top 4 sides to show public your business. We can see the entrance has a poster with a cup of hot coffee. It is vividly show how the good looks better. There is a big brand logo in the middle of the exterior of the back wall. The spotlight on the top ceiling brightens it so that people can see it clearly during the day and night.

coffee kiosk

Steps to get a uniqe design:

First, decide a decoration style. A clear mind is very helpful for a new business. The size, decoration, theme, materials, and any requirements of the kiosk make the outdoor kiosk unique.

Second, make 3D design according to your needs. It’s better to make a floor plan, so the designer can understand you better. Our designer can help you finish it and the first drawing will give you in 5 days.

Third, check the design picture and modify better. New ideas can add to the design drawing to make it better. Small changes is free charge. But we recommend to leave more time for design

Finally, confirm it as the final design. When everything looking good in the drawing, confirm it as the final design. Then, you can get correct outdoor kiosk. Production also floow the confirmed drawing.

Assmebly details:

The outdoor coffee kiosk is fully completed in our factory. The inside furniture can also install well, so you just need to connect the wires to the power supply. It’s very easy easy work.

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