Summer is coming now, are you plan to start your own outdoor food booth? outdoor macaron kiosk is a good choice to start your outdoor food business if you’re interested to start your own food business. it’s very worth to see this macaron kiosk at below.

same as the almost outdoor kiosk, this one also choose closes style with roof and rolling door, it’s very waterproof and safety, the whole kiosk basic material is plywood, the surface is an aluminum -plastic panel, a whole kiosk inside with wooden counter, three sides are opening for receive guests.

The front of this kiosk with a macaron display fridge  ,  the right sides mainly for order and juice service . bottom with some cabinet for storage left sides is a big macaron display showcase. the back sides of this kiosk is a entrance . whole kiosk inside with stainless steel abrasive floor,  the bottom with stainless steel skirting. 

macaron kiosk

You will notice the whole kiosk mainly tone is white, is very simple and elegant, the front part with two lamps for decoration, match luminescence acrylic logo. lightbox showings look very exquisite and elegant.

macaron kioskmacaron kiosk

Unique furniture is a direct supplier mainly for customized different kinds of retail food booth. if you’re planning to start your own food business or interested build a macaron kiosk like this one, it’s very helpful to direct contact us to get more details. We will provide you with the best service. 


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