Are you looking for outdoor food kiosk for your business? Well, here you are in the right place. Unique Custom design and build metal and fiberglass kiosk stores for outdoor. We provide unique outdoor kiosk design and affordable cost. If you planning to start a food concessions business and need display fixtures, Unique will offer great work to you.

As you can see the whole kiosk is very mini and exquisite, the basic material is plywood, the surface is a purple and white aluminum- plastic panel, inside with wooden counter. the front of this kiosk with many menu lightbox and sunshade. it’s easy to order and choose foods. you will notice the left sides also with windows. it with a small bar and bar chair for customer seating. it can close at night.

The back sides of this kiosk is a wooden counter, bottom with some cabinet for storage. the countertop can put the frozen yogurt machine. you can see the top of this kiosk with two big logo showings . is very attractive. 


frozen yogurt kiosk frozen yogurt kiosk frozen yogurt kiosk

Unique furniture is a direct manufacturer mainly for customized outdoor food kiosk and booth. If you are looking for a unique modern custom design for your frozen yogurt kiosk. Welcome to send us an inquiry.  We will offer you best quality kiosk at an affordable cost.

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