When you walked down the street and beach, you will notice much outdoor fast food kiosk and mobile store. I have to say the outdoor snack bar is very popular. It is a hot service project with plenty of customers and is the first choice of many entrepreneurs. but how to build an outdoor kiosk,  This is a very tricky problem. Today I’d like to share one for you hot sale outdoor food kiosk for your meet.  


Basic information: Whole kiosk size is  10X15ft. you Can see the whole kiosk mainly tone is grey, the basic material is plywood, the surface is laminate and solid wood strip decoration. the white man-made stone worktop. wooden cabinet.   

Layout: this kiosk can be used for and outdoor or shopping mall. three sides can open with a rolling door .  two sides with a wooden counter and display showcase. topsides with lightbox and acrylic logo. 




Unique as a direct supplier we focus on the design and customization of retail kiosks. We custom build different types of outdoor street kiosk & booth. We are so familiar with all the materials that we can easily choose a right and high-quality one to the finished amazing outdoor kiosk for you, Whether portable kiosk or permanent stations. We can build it for you. 


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