Wooden Toy Shop Display Furniture Retail Fast Food Store Customized Design

Every child will have a favorite toy in his childhood, and we can also see many toy shops in some shopping malls. When you start this kind of business, how to open a popular toy store will be a question worth thinking about. I think this essay will give you some advice about toy shop furniture.


The toy store we designed looks different from other toy stores. When you first see this store, you will think it is a food store because at the time we designed the concept to allow you to sell your Toys, you can also sell some food, by the way, making your shop more diversified.

Toy Shop Interior Display Furniture

From the entire design drawing, you can see that there are many styles of display racks in the store. There are frame display wall cabinets against the wall, and the multi-layer design allows you to display enough products. There are also mounted cabinets that are directly hung on the wall. We have designed dots and grooves. This kind of display cabinet can be used as a decoration of the store and can also hang many small items. In addition, there are center cabinets with large compartments. The layout of the capacity is very practical.

Shop Layout

In fact, the layout of the store is not only the various designs of the internal display cabinets, but also other decorations in the store, such as ceiling lights, floor matching, brand lightbox placement, and so on. These things consider when you start designing so that the designer will design according to your requirements and also allow you to see the effect.


How to do design is a matter of concern. If we design for you, you only need to tell us your favorite styles and requirements, our designers can customize it for you, and then modify it with you. Of course, the design also requires a design fee. But your design fee will be included as part of the amount of your order. That is to say, designing with us is free.

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