How To Make A Dessert Shop Design?

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A dessert shop is a place where many young consumers go shopping every time. In addition to making good quality and delicious desserts, the most important thing is the decoration of the store. The rise of dessert shops is to follow the trend of The Times, which can be said to be a trendy shop, consumer groups are mostly young people or some fashion groups. Therefore, the decoration of the dessert shop, whether it is the decoration style or the use of color, must be based on fashion.

Decoration style of the dessert shop

First, modern fashion style.

The main feature of a modern fashion style dessert shop is clean and bright. Dessert is a kind of delicious food and the first thing to ensure that the food in your mouth is clean and hygienic. If your dessert shop looks dark and untidy, consumers will also be discouraged from the dessert in the shop.

The modern fashion style of the dessert shop in the decoration of the overall color can not have an impact on the eye color, the layout of the store is clean and reasonable, the display of the glass cabinet, in addition, shows the delicious dessert should also show the clean health of the dessert. A mirror can be hung in the dessert shop, which can not only visually expand the entire space but also allow customers to see the delicious desserts in the shop when they walk by.

Second, Japanese style.

Japanese style dessert shop is warm and comfortable, so the overall layout of Japanese style dessert shop should also pay attention to warm and comfortable. In the choice of color, we choose warm pink, not only to give consumers a warm feeling but also full of romantic atmosphere. This kind of dessert shop attracts most lovers, so it is better to put a few sets of small tables and chairs in the store so that the lovers can enhance their relationship when they taste the dessert, which is helpful to improve the customer’s head-turning rate.

Third, pastoral style. 

The main characteristic of the rural style is pure and fresh nature. In this fast-paced society, after working and studying all day, I always want to sit down quietly in a dessert shop, order a glass of juice and a dessert, and spend a plain afternoon listening to music, turning over textbooks or reading small books. The idyllic style dessert shop should first show the characteristics of the idyllic style in appearance.

The appearance design of blue and white interwoven, the curtains of broken flowers, the window force embellished with some flowers or small plants, is it very idyllic atmosphere? Indoor lighting should be bright, the store environment layout should be fresh, green plant layout is essential. In ceiling respect, we do not necessarily what in that way line is contracted with contemporary fashion style. Also need not resemble the day style in that way warmth, be inferior to the ceiling that chooses woodiness, and brush on a light color, not only beautiful also give original natural beauty fully.

What should we pay attention to in the decoration of dessert shops?

  • First, be fashionable.

A dessert shop is a fashion shop, its customers are the most fashionable people, so the decoration of the dessert shop must be fashionable and have its own design style. Glass counters can be supplemented to display desserts, and fashionable and interesting patterns can be drawn on the walls, such as hand painting, comics, etc., to increase the casual and fashionable atmosphere of the dessert shop.

  • Second, the use of color should be bright.

The choice of bright colors for the decoration of the dessert shop makes it easier to attract customers’ attention and make more potential customers patronize the shop. Second, the guests of the dessert shop are mostly young people, students, or middle-aged and elderly people with a lively mentality. The dark color is not suitable for the sweet and happy direction of the dessert. So when decorating the dessert shop, pay attention to the use of bright colors, with a vibrant and not dazzling feeling that is the best.

  • Third, tables and chairs can be added to the store.

When decorating the dessert shop, if the size of the store allows, a place can be planned to place tables and chairs for guests to sit down and enjoy the dessert. The choice of tables and chairs can be made of candy colored foam, cloth and other materials, or transparent glass, which is appropriate for the overall style of dessert shop decoration.

  • Fourth, the lighting design should be warm and comfortable.

It is also very important to grasp the lighting in the decoration of the dessert shop. The color of the light can make the atmosphere of the dessert shop set off. The whole store should use warm and comfortable warm lighting to make the dessert shop look more sweet and more comfortable.

Shop layout plan of the dessert shop

  • Cashier desk

The cashier desk of the dessert shop is the central area of the dessert shop. It combines the display of products, the cashier, the preparation of desserts and drinks, etc., with the traditional counter decoration, combined with the modern cushion screen to display products. There can be a beverage machine, milk tea machine and so on behind the cashier. After the customer orders the dessert, the waiter next to it can get the dessert ready.

  • Operation room

The operation room of the dessert shop is separated from the dessert pastry making area by a glass. This area generally needs refrigerators and stainless steel shelves. After the pastry is made, it is placed on the table here, and the waiter can package and store the pastry in this area.

  • Exhibition area

Dessert shops naturally need shelves to display pastry. The shelves on the left side of the door form a font layout, and the chandeliers emitting yellow lights are installed above to make the dessert more pleasing. Display area shelves should also have glass windows.

  • Rest area

The dessert shop will also be divided into resting areas, with leather sofas against the wall, the walls are wood wallpaper, pasted with lovely cloth art, or wish walls. On the side of the bookshelf placed leisure reading, magazines, etc., to facilitate the guests to rest.

  • Dining area

The dessert shop also has a dining area, which can be designed separately and exist. Dining area in order to save space, the design of the wall table in the form of the bar, with high chairs, design sense is full of fashion and personality. You can also make good use of walls to save space and increase seating as much as possible.

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