How To Open A Hair Salon Shop?

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Beauty is an extremely lucrative business. In fact, according to global data, health and beauty was the fastest growing industry over the five-year period 2017-2022. So if your dream is to own a hairdresser, now is the time to get started. Opening a hair salon, just like any other business, requires a thorough plan and preparation. From business planning to hair salon equipment, there are many things that need to be prepared and planned in advance. If you’re not sure what equipment you need to open a salon or what steps to take, here’s our guide to opening a salon that we hope will help you.

How to open a hair salon

Although there is a lot of competition in salons these days, with the right strategy, you can set your salon up for success. Starting any new business takes determination, hard work, and some upfront capital. As with any industry, it helps if you have previous experience in the industry. However, even if you haven’t worked in a salon before, you can hire someone with experience.

Read on to find out how to open a hair salon and what salon equipment you might need to get started. Follow these steps to find out how to open a hair salon.

Do your market research.

What do customers in your area want? Is there another beauty salon near here? Consider whether the location you choose is easy to reach and has a lot of traffic.

Finish the budget

Once you have a business plan, you need to decide if you can afford it.

Set a strict budget, but keep in mind – this needs to include all initial costs and other costs, such as renting a space for your salon, buying equipment and hiring staff. In fact, operating costs alone can account for 80% of your final turnover.

It’s up to you how you prepare the original funding, but it’s important that you can afford it. Some people use their savings to start a business, while others may seek a business loan from a bank. Of course, if you get a loan, you need to be sure you can pay it back.

Start hiring

You need employees, not just people who work in salons. Getting the hiring process right is important. You want to attract the best talent, but you also want to hire people who are trustworthy, loyal and friendly. After all, customers will interact directly with your employees and influence how they judge their experience of your business.

Your budget will determine who you can hire. For example, experienced hair stylists and hairdressers will demand higher salaries than interns. Hiring people who are experienced and just starting out may be your best bet.

Advertise your salon

Once your salon is ready to open, you’ll want to start spreading the word and marketing your business. After all, if customers have never heard of your company before, how will they know to come?

How you market your salon is up to you, and in today’s online world, having a social media page is a minimum requirement. Make sure your social media page is up to date with information related to your business, and use it to interact with customers and post updates on any price offers, promotions, or stores.

You can also spread the word in other ways, such as:

  • A company’s website
  • A flyer, a poster
  • Local advertising — such as in regional magazines, newspapers, television or radio.

You need to factor this part of your spending into your budget, whether you’re spending money to advertise on local TV or print flyers.

The next step

When everything is ready, you can open the shop and welcome the customers. Excellent service, warm staff and warm atmosphere are the best ways to attract and retain customers.

After opening, envision some immediate business plans and how you want to shape the future of your business. Consider where you want your business to go, or if you are successful in the future, whether you are likely to expand, etc.

Beauty hair salon furniture & equipment

Reception counter 

A place where guests can make an appointment and receive guests upon arrival at the salon. For your reception area, you need to have a reception desk that represents the brand image, keep your reception space tidy, and have enough room for cash registers, appointment books, phones, and any other supplies that need to be placed at the front desk. When considering a waiting area for your customers, make sure you have a comfortable seat for your customers. Finally, take the time to find the retail display that best fits your salon aesthetic. Make an advertising area that highlights your product and catches the eye of customers as they wait for service!

Salon Chair or barbershop chair  

If you own a barbershop, the barber chair is the most basic and important piece of equipment. Decide the color and style of the chair according to the style of the shop, and of course consider the comfort of the chair. Normally, all barber chairs should be identical and match the interior design of your salon.

Hair chairs come in many styles and colors. When buying a chair, make sure the chair you choose has adjustable features to make sure it is comfortable and moves smoothly up and down, allowing you to touch their hair from different angles. It is also a great feature that the chair has a back, because it is convenient and comfortable.

Hair Processors and Hair Steamers

Hair processing machine and hair steamers are used in salons to provide a variety of services, mainly for perm styling services, is the most commonly used hair preparation. When choosing a perm and processor, choose a model with multiple temperature settings and timers for easier use.

Shampoo bowl

The shampoo bowl is specially designed by the hair salon to clean the hair. The number of shampoo bowls should be based on the number of styling chairs in your salon. Ideally, each styling chair should have at least one shampoo bowl to meet the needs of busy times.

Hairdressing styling station

Hairdressing styling stations are an important piece of equipment in hair salons because they are the primary workplace for hair stylists to provide services to their clients. A traditional hair table has a mirror with a light, an outlet, a table, and a compartment for hair stylists to keep their tools and instruments.

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