How To Make A Fast Food Restaurant Design?

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Modern city work life tempo is fast, time is money, everybody does not want to spend too much time in busy working hours to go up in meal, fast food already made many people the main choice. A fast food restaurant is one in which food is served quickly after order and service is kept to a minimum. These restaurants often pre-cook large amounts of food and then keep it warm or reheat it when you order.

Many fast food restaurants operate as a chain or franchise model, where standard ingredients are delivered from a central factory to restaurants below. Due to the relatively simple operation form of fast food restaurants, small investment, quick return of capital, also let some investors prefer. Fast food restaurant, small investment, quick recovery of funds, simple operation, is now the best investment project of young entrepreneurs.

Because fast food restaurants are mainly characterized by convenience, high quality and low price, with a large flow of people and belong to public places, the decoration of Chinese fast food restaurants is more important. Then, how can the decoration design of fast food restaurants help restaurants better attract customers? In the decoration design of fast food restaurants, we should pay attention to the following points:

The overall layout

Before decorating fast food restaurants, we should first determine the operation and decoration style of fast food restaurants, divide the decoration design space of fast food restaurants, clearly distinguish the dining area from the catering production area, and determine the location of each functional space. Generally speaking, the production area of small and medium-sized fast food restaurants will be equipped with multi-functional comprehensive kitchens, while the production area of chain fast food restaurants is composed of multiple sub-functional kitchens.

The space planning of fast food restaurants must first meet the basic requirements of entertaining customers and making it convenient for customers to eat, and at the same time pursue higher aesthetic and artistic values. The interior planning of a fast food restaurant is first determined by its size. Because of the dense population and expensive land in modern cities, it is necessary to make effective use of space. The size of a fast food restaurant should be determined by the number of customers, which is an important factor in the plan of a fast food restaurant.

Color Selection in fast food restaurants

According to a fast-food restaurant decorate a style and business purpose to determine the fast-food restaurant whole decorate tonal whole, such as there are many fast food restaurants now on the market in order to attract customers, will use a lot of contrast to stimulate visual effect with tonal used to a fast food restaurant is decorated, in a fast food restaurant in the use of different colors to highlight different fast food style.

Decorate a style

As the space of fast food restaurants is limited, many building materials and facilities should be economically and orderly combined to show the harmony of the whole and parts. Simple plane equipment is rich in the concept of unity, decoration design is still to apply appropriate rules to master the order. The decoration design of the fast food restaurant tries to adopt simple style and bright luster to give customers a relaxed and joyful feeling.

Kitchen design

The kitchen is an important place in the process of serving food in fast food restaurants, which directly affects the efficiency and quality of employees’ work. The area if too big then will waste of space, the area if too small will be very congested, under normal circumstances the area of the kitchen is determined to be 20% of the total area of the restaurant. The mesa of the stove inside the kitchen is mostly made of stainless steel raw materials. This kind of kitchen is not easy to stick dirt, not easy to rust, easy to clean, and also gives a clean and clean image.

Wall decoration 

The choice of wall decoration wants simple and practical already. Simple is usually directly white porcelain, with rock painting, calligraphy and painting, wall hanging and other decorations, this decoration is simple and elegant. If the space contrast of fast food restaurant is small, you can also choose mirror on the wall, so that you can have the feeling of increasing the space visually.

Non-slip floor

The floor is the most direct and intuitive image of the restaurant displayed in front of customers. If it’s not clean, just look at the ground and know. This requires fast-food restaurants to consider an important issue when selecting flooring: non-slip and easy to clean decorative materials, such as non-slip anti-wood tiles.

Dining tables and chairs

Tables and chairs are necessary equipment in fast food restaurants. When configuring tables and chairs in fast food restaurants, it should be noted that the size and shape of tables should be determined according to the business content and the number of customers. Fast food restaurants should mainly configure small tables for one person. 

The number of table equipment and according to the planning of the fast food restaurant, the shape of the appropriate combination. Most fast food restaurants will choose a square table or a long square table, because this shape of the table contrast saves space. In the selection of the table can be used in the fast food restaurant that table, bright in color and easy to clean, of course, if the fast food restaurant area allows, it can also pass through the screen or partition to properly separate some space, entertain some guests with demand for dinner.

The overall structure of fast food restaurant is a whole created by the perfect organization of traffic space, use space, work space and other factors. There is no fixed standard for the decoration design of fast food restaurants. Fast food restaurants are profitable occasions for catering, and their planning must consider how to make the limited space to show its maximum value.

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