6 Best Tips For A Flower Shop Design

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It is a happy thing to open a flower shop and live in the fragrance of flowers every day. In fact, many people have begun to put this little wish into action, looking for a formal flower shop training school, accept systematic flower course learning, not only to master the flower technology but also to understand the flower shop operation and management knowledge, to find high-quality channels of purchase.

The image design and decoration style of the flower shop is the main factors in customers’ first visual impression of the flower shop. It plays a vital role in the late promotion and publicity of flower shops.

Flower shop style design, can set off the atmosphere of the store, create environmental artistic conception, and strengthen the flower shop environment style. Therefore, how to decorate the style is also one of the necessary problems to consider before you open a shop. Today let’s learn what to pay attention to when opening a flower shop.

The flower shop storefront sign design. 

The store sign is the first impression of the flower shop to the guests, which directly determines the customer’s attitude towards the flower shop. The sign design of the flower shop should accurately reflect the level of the flower shop, user groups, themes, product series and other content.

The overall color collocation of the flower shop. 

The first element of all things in the eyes is color, so in the link of the decoration of the flower shop, the color of the flower shop plays a decisive factor, which affects the first feeling of customers into the store. Nordic style florists like plain white, while Sen style florists like gray walls, but no matter what kind of color, pay attention to the color saturation can not be too high, to avoid hiding the luster of the flower.

The flower shop window design is the key. 

“Keep the customer’s eye on the window for five seconds longer, and you’ll get twice as many deals as any other florist.” This is the charm of window design when decorating a flower shop. Flower shop Windows can not only create a festive atmosphere to promote consumption, but also represent the latest fashion trends. At least a year, the window of the flower shop changes different display themes, such as Valentine’s Day theme, Christmas themes, wedding themes, seasonal themes and other window design ideas.

When the flower shop is decorated, the internal focal area is displayed and arranged. 

A florist has a focal point, as well as a florist’s interior space. The focal area is the soul of a florist.

Customers notice the place as soon as they enter the door. This position is the focus area specially designed. It can be said that it is the golden position for putting the main products of the flower shop, which can strongly stimulate the desire of customers to buy.

The focus area of the flower shop can be set at:

  • The front of the passage. 
  • The left and right walls of the store entrance. 
  • If the store has a long walk, the focus is on the center of the aisle. 
  • If the wall is long, focus on the center of the wall.

Lighting choices for the flower shop. 

Florist decoration should consider the lighting according to the installation position, which can be divided into external lighting and internal lighting.

External lighting:

And trademark design is mainly used for windows, this difference is florist business cards and advertising, to determine whether the customer will enter directly, in addition to outside the door and the window put beautiful flowers, the light can also spend some of idea, brand design with lights on, mainly to promote the store, due to the distance when the human eye is more sensitive for the dynamic scene, So neon lights can be used to attract customers’ attention. But in the use of window light, because the window is a close-up view of the scene, should not use too strong light, so as not to stimulate the eyes.

Internal lighting:

Interior lighting is the main part of a florist’s lighting. In its simplest form, florist lighting can be divided into three parts.

Natural lighting

In the case of good weather, the florist had better use natural lighting, on the one hand, to save electricity, on the other hand, it is more good for flowers and plants. To do this, the florist can use glass in the decoration, and the light transmittance is good. If you want to shade the light, you can install curtains.

The light source for illumination

This lighting is the main source of lighting in the flower shop, bearing the heavy burden of lighting in the flower shop, so the brightness must be high, and a monochrome light source should be used.

Decorate the foil light source

That is, the light source used to set off the atmosphere does not bear the burden of lighting, but it is a handle to improve the style of the flower shop. The multi-color light source can be used, and small lights can be installed around the flower according to different flowers, or to create a kind of hazy beauty or more lined with flowers.

The layout of the flower shop. 

Florist layouts can be divided into two main categories.

Grid type:

Grid layout is clear and methodical, all sorts of products are displayed by order, the customer often also can choose by order when choosing a flower, not easy to miss to see some kind of product, but shortcoming also is produced from this.

Due to the “orderly” arrangement of products, the layout is easy to appear stiff and serious, contrary to the expectation of flowers to make people happy and relaxed.

Free flow type:

If the free flow of the layout took place in flowers put on a state of mind, should not only conform to the free flow characteristics of the layout, filled with flowers, and do not put too much too miscellaneous, desultorily feeling to the person, in the design of the channel, both need to extend the route as much as possible, increase the time duration of the customer, and do not design a curved around too much, Confused the customer.

These are some ideas on how to open a flower shop and the tips to start a flower shop design. Hope it can help you to get some ideas. Please feel free to contact us by email sales08@uniquekiosk.com or WhatsApp at +86 13510438034.

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