Every place has its own special snacks, and people like to enjoy delicious food. If you want to open a local dessert shop, you need to find the right store and manufacturer, they can help you make the store layout and design, so that you can go smoothly opened. This is one of our dessert shops’ designs, let’s see more details together.

Eye-catching dessert shop design

From the picture, we can see a fashionable and attractive dessert shop design. its color is mainly white, which is very unique. Perfect facade design is very necessary.It is able to attract and bring more customers to you. This is an acrylic luminous logo, combining Chinese and English. And adding the name of the special food in the dessert shop top on both sides. Place a product display board outside the store to show your products and services. When people see it, they will have good impression and curiosity to taste.

This is the cash register and work bar counter. Add the logo to the outside of the bar counter. The material of the bar is marble, which looks very advanced. It is with top, we can see the layout and machines inside. We will leave a certain space for you to put the machine, you can make the equipment list and send it to us, so that the designer will make the layout and leave enough space for you. Outside the counter we can see small display stands fixed to the wall and some decorations can be placed to beautify the store.

The furniture color of the dessert shop is mainly white, which is consistent with the style of the whole shop. It is mainly rectangular tables and chairs. The middle of the shop is decorated with solid wood stools and tree decorations on the table, making the shop more unique. We are custom factory, and can customize any display furniture. Support to change the color and customize the shape you like.

Contact us to start your restaurant 3D design

Since everyone has different ideas, and sell many types of products. We do not have the same design. So we will suggest to make the design based on your requirements. Reach your size and add logo. So you can see the whole store effect and confirm the details.

Before make design, we need to charge design deposit of US$500, which will be deducted from the order price. Our design time is 2-4 working days, our designers will design based on your requirements and store floor plans. This can be modified to ensure that the design is perfect, the design includes all furniture information. You can check all details.

Packaging and shipping

When the production is completed, we will send you all the furniture pictures for confirmation. After you confirm that everything is good, we will do the whole cleaning work. We will use foam to wrap the furniture, especially the 4 corners. Then put it into a wooden box and seal it, and put the fragile label on the outside of the wooden box. This is very safe and stable. For larger-sized furniture, such as cashier and work counters, we will divide it into several parts to avoid damage, and mark numbers, such as 1234. When you receive it, it is very easy to assemble based on these numbers.

We ship it by sea, and the shipping time is usually one month. The specific time and cost mainly depend on the destination port. If you want door-to-door service, please tell us the detailed address and we will find the suitable one for you.

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