Red and white color food booth for outdoor retail food stand

Are you looking for an outdoor food booth for your food business? If you have the space in the outdoor, and want to start a business. You can choose to make a shop or small budget for a booth to start your business. Whatever you want, we can make it for you with your requirement.

We have many styles of the outdoor booth use for the food business. You can check on our website for some design you want. Here is a red and white outdoor food booth share with you.


Outdoor food booth design

Usage of the outdoor booth

This outdoor booth can use to sell food or other products in outdoor. Some activities like a food court, trade show, we can use something like that.

It can for short-term use so we can make it to be disassembly. Because this outdoor booth is a simple design and the structure is not too complex.


The size of the outdoor kiosk

For the size of the outdoor kiosk, we can customize it as your need. The size of this one is about 4x3m. For the height of the outdoor booth, we usually make it within 2.4m. Our design team can customize a new one with your location size.


The material of the outdoor booth

For the material of the outdoor booth, we can use the metal frame as the basic material. The metal frame we can make it divided into a few parts. And when you assemble the metal frame, we can fit them with the screws.

For the top ceiling and the sides wall, we can use plywood with almunium plastic panel. Outside surface finish can use stickers for the red and white stripe.


Customize an outdoor food booth

We offer customize kiosk design and manufacturing services. What we do is to make the outdoor kiosk exactly fit the customer’s requirement. And we will provide the details of the outdoor kiosk to you. Then you can send it to the landlord or city to get approval. Some city has many strict requirements, you can get back to us and then we will fix it.

For the customize 3d design of the outdoor booth, we usually charge 300$ for each design. Our designer will make a new 3d model with your size and the logo. If you want any changes for the design, we will change for you.

Before we only offer 3 times revised service. But now, because our final aim is to help you to get approval and start the production of the outdoor booth. We will change the design until your confirmation or get approval from the city. This is our sincerity.


The package of the outdoor kiosk

Because the whole set is too big, we will pack them divided into a few parts. And then we will pack them wrap in film, the corner we will protect it well. We will pack them in a big wooden box and the corner of the wooden package with the metal guards.


The shipping of the outdoor food booth

We can arrange the shipping for you of the outdoor food booth. Usually, for such a big outdoor kiosk, we need a full container to fit it. Something like this outdoor booth, and size 4x3m but disassemble. We may need a 40ft container to fit it.

For the shipping cost of the outdoor food booth, please send us the port of your address. We can check the shipping cost for your reference. When the outdoor food booth arrives in your port, they will contact you about the delivery time and address.

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