Are you going to open a street food store to earn money? 2020 is the toughest year for the economy. So far, there are still many shopping malls in countries that have not yet opened a business. If you are ready to start your own business, opening an outdoor kiosk food store is a good choice. Because fast-food restaurants and rotisserie are the most popular industries because they provide people with what they need in their daily lives. Today, I want to share a modern and creative fast-food kiosk with you.

How to get the outdoor fast food kiosk design?

Before 3D design

This is the outdoor kiosk barbecue restaurant I designed for Nigerian customers. Its prototype is a 40-foot container, which is the type that customers like. For my client, this is her first business to open an outdoor barbecue restaurant. She wants to make sure everything goes smoothly. Therefore, I shared many popular styles for her reference. She likes our work very much and decided on the style she likes. And she and her team of designers produced floor plans with dimensions. What we need to do is to make a 3D design according to the size to make her rotisserie more creative and unique.

Design requirements

She told us all his requirements about the fast-food outdoor kiosk. She needs a large kitchen to prepare food; the rotisserie kiosk is where customers place orders and take meals. The beverage cabinet is in front of customers to buy together; there are some seats in the store for customers to rest and enjoy delicious food. The tables and chairs outside are for the packing client. She also needs a storage room and a large office and a meeting room. According to her location size 11m by 6m, we made the storage area, meeting room, and manager office on the up floor. Let’s view how fast food outdoor kiosk looks like.

3D design picture show

taken away food store BBQ shop furniture street food shop decoration outdoor fast food kiosk design

Materials of this street food store

Outdoor food kiosks not like mall kiosks. It needs to be made of strong materials, like windproof, waterproof, rainproof, fireproof, sun-proof, and safe materials. The metal frame with plywood forms the main body of the street food store, and the aluminium composite panel is the surface material. Ecological wood baking varnish also the surface material of this street food store.

The basic material of the rotisserie kiosk is Plywood with a solid wood bar. The countertop use marble stone, which is strong and waterproof. While the kitchen room furniture uses the same material as the rotisserie kiosk. Other materials include stainless steel, ceiling light, posters, acrylic logo, etc. If you need other materials, we can also help you change to other materials.

How to manufacture this street food kiosk?

Street food kiosk not like a house that needs construction on site. We have to complete it and assembly every part well in our factory. Then deliver the goods to our customers. Like most outdoor kiosks, exterior walls and frames are always the first steps in manufacturing. And the most unique part of this fast food outdoor kiosk is the supporting pillars and structure.

The second step is to build inside furniture, like counter and cabinets. Our workers focus on the details and highly trained. So you can use the counter for many years. Every cabinet and drawer has locked doors. The construction drawing has detailed information about electronics and how it is connected. You only need to connect every part and add the main switch to the local power supply.

The most important thing for outdoor kiosk is the installation and shipping. Since it has a second floor and needs to be divided into several parts for shipping. So our customer has to put them together and use it. It is a little complex than other outdoor kiosks. But don’t worry, we will make instructions to guide you.

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