How did the bag become popular?

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From classic to modern, the rise of bag decoration is closely related to the evolution of clothing. Since the end of the 18th century, when wavy skirts with straps were replace by slim-fitting clothes, women have sought out bags to carry their personal belongings. The first fishnet pouch took advantage of this trend, and this pouch with a long string was easy to hold in the hand and became a veritable “bag decoration”. For hundreds of years, trends in fashion accessories, like fashion, have changed rapidly and constantly. And its status has gradually risen, becoming an indispensable part of women’s dress, such as bag decoration. Based on different trend cultures, different times, different occasions, women’s bags have evolved into ever-changing forms. Let’s explore the bag history.

Development bags history

At the beginning of the 19th century, Europe opened its door to the world, and large travel bags became a necessity for entering and leaving Europe. Big bags are born.

At the beginning of the 20th century, as a representative of fashion, bag decoration became a common popular item, affected by the “Oriental civilization” that swept Europe at that time, bag decoration became strange. But at that time, fashion was only for the rich. The meager income and heavy work make the working class women and fashion, and the bag is not good.


The rise of cigarettes in the 20th century has make small cigarette boxes a kind of decoration for women to attend social places, and small box type bags have been put into the market in large numbers. In 1929, the Hollywood star craze made makeup bags storing foundation and lipstick popular. And various makeup bags, such as shells, soccer balls, door locks, vases and birdcage shaped bags, emerged one by one. But during the Second World War, the shortage of materials, bags suddenly became a luxury, women’s bags are make of rough canvas, but designers at the time to design a series of shopping bags and bicycle bags.

In the 20th century, women were hung with brand names, and bags became a symbol of status and power. After the medium term, people’s lives will be filled with computers. The rise of laptop computers has made the wide messenger bag and camera bag the darling of young people. Later, the world of bag decoration became more colorful and colorful, there was the prevalence of minimalism. There was the Chinese embroidery heat, and there was the application of animal fur, such as snake skin, leopard skin, crocodile skin and so on.


Until the 1920s, with the increasing development of mass media, fashion was no longer the privilege of the upper class, and women from all walks of life joined the ranks of catching up with fashion. And the bags are beginning to show their own characteristics. The beaded bag made a sound as it shook to the beat of the music, and the popular jazz music played a beautiful “concerto” one after another.

In the 1930s, the space for Hollywood movies developed, and they had a huge impact on the popularity of fashion. The package is decorated with a streamlined appearance and a good cabinet frame, simple materials, simple and elegant.

In the 1940s, the emphasis was most on practicality, while the trend of pragmatism was influence by military design. And the bag on the shoulder was popular because it could be use to carry the most practical items such as gas masks, rationed tickets and ID cards. Although the war years brought great pain to people, it prompted the decoration to the civilian and simple.

Recovery period

After the end of the war, the economy gradually recovered in the 1950s, because of the imprisonment of the war years, after the end of the war, people’s desire for sex and competition, women’s clothing quickly turned sexy and charming. The bag decoration is to match the clothing, and it is no exception to the sexy and charming.

During this period, rock and pop music was not only a musical revolution, it formed a new language that was accepted by the majority of young people across regions and cultures. The revolution of youthful miniskirts and trousers was also born with the popularity of rock music. Miniskirts also call for the emergence of new bags, so a variety of small, with long straps, simple style satchels are hanging on young shoulders.


A period of rapid economic development

In the rapid economic development of the 1970s and 1980s, in a sense, the bag has become a symbol of cultural status and identity. New materials and designs are constantly being introduce to break the traditional concept of “investing in a good bag”. With the concept of new Romanticism and classical revival in the late 1970s, some bags with narrow straps, fishing bags and other bags with fresh rural flavor are carry on people’s shoulders, but also reflected in the surging tide of the economy, people ask to escape the crowded and noisy city will.

In the 1990s, this fashion was monopolize by young people, the avant-garde seems to have become the synonym of fashion, and the designs at the top of the list are without exception those avant-garde masters who are good at playing tricks. The changing trend of “now is the fashion and then is the past” has to bring about a sense of “how fast the world is changing”. The bag decoration is also without exception affect by the wind of this rapidly changing trend, showing a changeable appearance.

The 21th century

With the arrival of the year 2000, the retro trend will continue to prevail, and bead bags may become a craze. As a woman in the new century, have you ever thought that the bag around you can become a historical witness hundreds of years later? In the 20th century, human beings have created too many miracles. And they have left countless precious treasures for mankind through their intelligence, positive initiative and creativity. The great wheel of the clock is still flying forward. And we should believe that hope is in the future, under our feet.

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