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bag kiosk

Handbags have a big family, people wear different bags to match their clothing and characters. Both women and men like to buy bags, I am sure you will earn money by opening a bag shop. When you plan to start, renting a good location is the main thing. Today, I’d like to share a nice bag kiosk with you. It’s good to use in the shopping mall and even outdoors.

Description of bag store

This bag store needs a small location size 3m by 2m. The primary color of the bag kiosk is white with golden decoration. It has a wall cabinet, shelving, individual glass counter, and brand signage. The display counters show products in a unique way so that clients can view them well.


bag shop furniture

Information of handbag kiosk

Glass display

We can see there are two glass display counters in front of the sales window, it has a glass counter on top. Brand logo in gold color set at the counter body, people can view your shop well. Golden metal edges decorate the glass counter in a good way. You can show wallet, boutique, and hot sale items here.

Wall cabinet

We can see the back wall has many small cabinets in different colors. You can place handbags in each cabinet. Clients will attracts by the beautiful bags. Under the wall cabinet is lock drawers and cabinets with golden frame decoration. Looks high-end and attractive.

 bag store counterBrand signage and ads

There are brand logos attached on 4 sides, people can view your brand culture from a far away. When you open a kiosk outdoors, you can also attach a brand sign with large lightbox paintings on the back wall. That will remind people of your business.

Two sides have wall-mounted cabinets, you can hang small handbags here. It has green grass decoration, Wall cabinets also have light decoration, which gives people a good feeling.

If you have any needs, please just leave a message or contact us. We will response as soon as we can.

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