frozen yogurt kiosk: Top 3 popular frozen yogurt kiosk design ideas

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What’s the most welcome food service in 2019? which foodservice can help you bring in huge profits? If you start to plan your food business in summer, start it from a frozen yogurt kiosk in the mall is a very smart choice.

Why frozen yogurt is so popular? as we know people always like sweet Sweets dessert. It’s refreshing to eat a cool yogurt dessert on a hot day.

In this article, the one I wanna introduce is 3 popular styles of frozen yogurt kiosk design ideas. if you are interested to start your frozen yogurt business. if you still not have the lead. follow me to see more details here.

Type 1: Modern yogurt kiosk

We can see this one is very modern and simple, We use white as the main color. match a little gray color intersperse, you will notice the front part also with some fruit pattern sticker decoration. the backside has a small”U” shape roof. match acrylic luminescence letter and menu board.

The whole kiosk back side mainly put for yogurt work, the right side is a stainless steel sink, at the front part mainly for order topping display. we can see at the outside also have a bar counter with bar chair. It can provide customers with a very comfortable seating area.

  • Size: 4000X3000mm.
  • Material: MDF, man-made stone. tempered glass. stainless steel.
  • Accessories: acrylic luminescence logo. menu board. sticker, sink.

Type 2. Exquisite frozen yogurt kiosk

  • Size: 10X12ft.
  • Material: plywood, fireproof plate, man-made stone.

The whole kiosk basic material is plywood, the surface is white, green and wood grain color fireproof plate. the white color man-made stone countertop.

The front part mainly for order, there have a fridge and topping station for frozen yogurt and burdening display. the left side is a frozen yogurt machine with 1.4m wall plate. the backside is a back wall for put brand name and product display. blow is some wooden cabinet for storage.

Type3. Multifunction yogurt kiosk

This kiosk is big, 6m by 3m. but very simple and comfortable. it can for selling frozen yogurt, juice and bubble tea. we can notice this is self-yogurt service, customer can choose match different taste they like. we can notice the front part and backside counter is same. there has two “C” shape bar counter with 8 bar chair. it’s very high-end.

Thanks for your time and reading, for more related frozen yogurt kiosk design and ideas. contact us here. thanks!

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