Top 10 mobile food cart business ideas for starters

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Are looking for a small business trends ? Well , open a small food cart is a nice ideas to start. With less cost and easy mobile ,you can soon start your business in every corner on the earth.

Nowadays. food service is one of the most popular services in 2019. more and more businessman choose food industry to start his business. such as juice bar, coffee shop and more. But as an initial entrepreneur, they are after something that is high margin and low cost. of course, build a cart start your business is a good option.

But which type of food cart service is a good choice for you? today I wanna share top 10 mobile food cart for your reference.

1.Coffee cart

Coffee is a very popular and healthy drinks all around the world, Leisure or tired drink a cup of coffee, It’s so delicious. it can located in shopping center, or shop outside. can choose some brown, wood grain color as the mainly tone. Very consistent with the theme of coffee.

2.Ice cream cart

In Summer, We are most happy to eat cool ice cream. It is an essential summer product. it has so many different types. soft ice cream, ice cream cone, Popsicle and more. it can choose some Brilliant color as the main tone. not need to make it so big, 1.2m-1.5m length. inside put a display fridge is enough.

3.Juice cart

The juice is very fresh and healthy drinks. It is widely seen in the high street, shopping center, and the crowded gathering points. usually is 2200x600x2200mm. can make it in white, brown. green orange etc.surface with fruit poster and brand name. also can with a decoration roof at the top part.

4.Candy cart

Candy always is the Children’s favorite, it can be used to a festival celebration. You’ll notice candy cars at some weddings. usually is in pink, white color, it’s very Sweet and romantic. isn’t it?

5.popcorn cart

As we know, when you watch movies and ball game. almost people like to eat some popcorn. like this cart is about 2m by 1.5m. it can for selling popcorn and cotton candy. stainless steel countertop with a popcorn machine and cotton candy machine. the top part is a very simple roof with the brand name and poster decoration. looks very nice.

6.Crepe cart

Crepe is a thinner pancake. It can be made according to the needs of the guests in many different flavors. you need to put a crepe machine and some topping container to put Sauce. some drawers and cabinets at the bottom. small roof with the spotlight.

7.Waffle cart

Waffles, also known as gofr, It’s a kind of scone. From Belgium, The main raw materials are eggs and milk, which are rich in protein, vitamins, iron, calcium, potassium and other minerals needed by the human body. With a very broad consumer group, has very good development prospects.

8. Fruit cart

Fresh fruit is a very popular service in the shopping mall and Commercial Street. it mainly provides some fruit plate. Add condiments to suit your taste. I have to say this is a very easy food business to operate and doesn’t require much experience. Even a novice can handle it easily.

9.Hotdog cart

Hot dog also called hotdog. Usually refers to a sausage sandwich, Can also refer to the sausage itself. it’s very hot sale on the street. you can see it will choose stainless steel as the basic material. It’s easy to use outdoors.just need match a oven, fryer, fridge for food storage.

10.Dessert cart

People always like sweet food, Especially girls and children. Many people choose to finish a meal with a little dessert. Or in your spare time, when you’re unhappy, dessert can be a great can be location in shopping center, or flow in the street.

Thanks for your time and reading, hope this article is helpful for your small food business. more needs, please contact me here!

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