10 Tips to make your mall retail kiosk more attractive

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When you walked in the shopping mall, you will notice there have so many different types of retail kiosk here, such as food kiosk, cosmetic kiosk, phone kiosk, jewelry kiosk. salon kiosk and more.

Many businessmen choose to start his business from a small kiosk, It can get high returns with very small start-up funds, But how do you make your business stand out in the industry? It doesn’t just require a great food experience and good service. It also needs to make it more attractive and attracts more customers. here are 10 tips to make your mall retail kiosk more attractive.


As we know, in order to make your kiosk looks more exquisite and attractive. is necassary add some lights decoration. common is the LED light strip, ceiling lamp and spotlight. Not just for lighting. it can make your whole kiosk looks better.

Usually spotlight will install the top part. such as high wall display stand, selling decoration. LED light strip is more widely applicable. It can install on skirting, counterbottom. display showcase inside and more.


Logotypes is very many kinds, it including 3d acrylic letter, hollow out light logo, 3d luminescence logo and more. luminescence logo is more popular, looks more exquisite.


Lightbox can for put the product images, Logo and your menu list. it’s very easy to adjust and change inside images. it can put your kiosk surface, on the backwall, also can make it single. can make it big or small.


If you wanna the whole counter surface with some special pattern.strip,fruit, your logo and more, it’s a very good choose do it is a sticker. it’s very nice and easy to change it.


TV also called led screen, it can put some product images or video on it. It is a good way to show more details to the guests.


Acrylic usually is the surface material, mainly used for embellishment, The most common one is the acrylic logo. also can do some Engraved plate, acrylic glossy plate. it’s very exquisite, isn’t it?

7.Solid wood

Add some wood grain plate and solid wood strip on the counter surface is very nice, it can be freshness or Retro. match a little white and green plants decoration. it’s so cool.


Glass including tempered glass. frosted glass, art glass, stained glass and more. usually will do glass display showcase or glass baffle.


Tile have many types and colorful, there have pattern on it, have strips. it can used on the wall surface and counter surface. it’s so Pretty.


Corian mainly used on the countertop, it’s very strong, it’s easy to clean, Scratch Resistance, There are many colors to choose from. can make the whole counter looks more high-end.

Thanks for your time and reading, hope this article is helpful for your mall retail kiosk business. for more info, contact us here!

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